Peace Corps Indonesia Vacancy: Pre Service Training General Support Provider, Surabaya - Kerja Ngo

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Peace Corps Indonesia Vacancy: Pre Service Training General Support Provider, Surabaya

Call for Expression of Interest – Pre Service Training General Support Provider

General Background
Peace Corps Indonesia
is a US government agency sending American volunteers to Indonesia based on the invitation of the Indonesian government. Peace Corps’ mission in Indonesia is about expanding people-to-people exchange, cultural understanding, and building educational partnership through our English teaching program and a variety of secondary activities focus on youth and community development. Yearly, 60-80 Peace Corps volunteers come to Indonesia to serve for 24 months in Indonesian Junior and high schools in East and West Java.

Pre Service Training
Before serving in Indonesia for 24 months, Peace Corps Trainees undergo pre-service training for 10-12 weeks that will prepare them to be healthy, safe, and sufficient volunteers. We use a community-based training model in which trainees learn in small groups or independently in their villages, living with host families and integrating with their local community. Trainees sometimes gather together in a larger venue for link sessions. Once a week, trainees will gather together for the hub session.

General Support Provider – Scope of Work
Peace Corps Indonesia seeks to contract with a General Support Provider for our Pre Service Training (PST) which is scheduled to begin in March 2016 and finish by the end of May 2016. The contract will include the provision of PST personnel, host families, and facilities for the training. Approximately 70 Peace Corps Trainees will undergo a 10-week community based training which covers language, cultural, TEFL, safety and security, and medical as the training areas.

Expectation to the General Support Provider include providing Peace Corps with:
  • Facilities and events 
    • Pre Service Training office.
    • Host families hosting 70-80 Peace Corps Trainees within 7 different villages not further than 1 hour away from Pre Service Training office.
    • 14 village classrooms; 2 in each village for Bahasa Indonesia classes.
    • 3 larger village classrooms that can accommodate 25-30 Trainees for Link sessions.
    • 2 larger classrooms that can accommodate 30-40 Trainees for the Hub day session.
    • 1 Medical room close to the hub day venue.
    • Training of Trainers (TOT) venue that can accommodate 40 people.
    • Host Family orientation venue that can accommodate 150 people.
    • 14 classrooms for Teacher’s Workshop.
    • Principal and Counterpart Workshop venue and accommodation which can accommodate 120 participants close to the Pre Service Training’s office.
    • Peace Corps Staff house (If available)
  • Personnel
    • Community Liaisons’ Supervisor.
    • 14 Community Liaisons
  • Occasional Transportation for Trainees
Selection Process
Peace Corps Indonesia is in compliance with US Government Federal Law for selection of a General Support provider.

Detailed information of provision of service from General Support Provider is available upon request.

Application Form
Expression of Interest
Pre Service Training General Support Provide
(Please send back this application form to not later than September 14, 2015, by 5:00p.m.)

Name of Institution
Contact Person Name :
Phone number :
Email address :
Brief Introduction of Institution Please briefly describe your institution
Website, if available
Motivation to be General Support provider for Pre Service Training
Previous Experience of providing Personnel and logistical support , if available
Referee from previous client, if available Name of the Referee
Phone number
Email address

How to Apply
Please send us your expression of interest by filling in the attached form and send it back to no later than September 14, 2015 by close of business hour at 05:00p.m. For further question of inquiries, feel free to contact Puji at

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