Tetra Tech ARD Vacancy: Central Kalimantan Landscape Coordinator, Palangka Raya - Kerja Ngo

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Tetra Tech ARD Vacancy: Central Kalimantan Landscape Coordinator, Palangka Raya

Tetra Tech ARD is currently accepting expressions of interest for the Central Kalimantan Landscape Coordinator, Palangka Raya-Central Kalimantan based, on our USAID LESTARI project. USAID’s LESTARI project supports the Government of Indonesia to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conserve biodiversity in carbon rich and biologically significant forest and mangrove ecosystems. In the Kalimantan Tengah Landscape, LESTARI’s objectives are reducing emissions from peatland and forest fires through improved co-management of Sebangau National Park and its buffer zone; rubber quality improvement (scaling-up) as an economic incentive to re-wet/keep wet peat lands; natural forest and plantation partners actively involved in sustainable landscape management; integration of district Spatial Plans to provincial Spatial Plan; and fire management planning and implementation. LESTARI runs from 2015 through 2020, and focuses on seven landscapes in Aceh, Central Kalimantan and Papua.

Job Summary:
The Landscape Coordinator represents LESTARI on a day-to-day basis with government, NGO, community and other partners to communicate a clear vision for the LESTARI landscape approach and to garner commitment and leadership from landscape partners to take tangible steps in climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation commitments. S/he is responsible for the organization and integration of the technical elements (staff, subcontracts and partners) implementing the LESTARI project to achieve efficient and synchronized teamwork in the pursuit of project goals. S/he coordinates activity implementation in the landscape with the technical and administrative support teams located in Jakarta and other designated partners and serves as the Landscape Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Specialist, which responsible for project activities that improve protected area management capacity - through building political leadership that leads to action on the ground, adopting Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF) sanctioned monitoring and evaluation systems, and improving support from stakeholders around the Conservation Area (CA) through collaborative management approaches in her/his landscape. S/he will also work closely with Jakarta advisors to develop innovative financing for CAs such as fee system, collaborative management models, development of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) opportunities and creative financing for tourism development. Requirements include previous experience in similar roles either for donor projects, the private sector with in depth knowledge of the Central Kalimantan landscape and understanding of governance; familiar with land use, conservation and climate change issues; familiarity with USAID procedures and regulations; and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role working on a multi-disciplinary team. University degree in related field required.

Please submit a letter of interest, CV and three professional references by 30 August 2015 (the latest) with subject Central Kalimantan Landscape Coordinator, Jakarta based to: recruitmentlestari004@gmail.com

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