Issuance Date: September 4th, 2015
For: Trainer for National Training of Trainers for BCC module on Basic HIV & Sexual Health for MSM and TG (SR GWL-INA Network)  
ISEAN-Hivos-GF-R10-HIV/AIDS – “Strengthening community systems to reduce vulnerability to and impact of HIV infection on MSM and TG in Islands of Southeast Asia”
The Islands of Southeast Asia Network on Male and Transgender Sexual Health (ISEAN) and the Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (Hivos) jointly implemented the ISEAN Hivos Program supported by Global Fund Round 10. This program has the main goal of reducing the risks, vulnerability and impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of MSM and transgender community in Island Southeast Asia Nations. It intends to address critical gaps in supporting and scaling up activities that reduce HIV/AIDS among MSMs and TGs.
GWL-INA Network, as the Sub Recipient Indonesia of the grant under the ISEAN-Hivos Program Global Fund Round 10 will be conducting its Phase 2 of implementation from October, 2013 to September, 2016.
Supported by ISEAN Hivos Program (IHP) phase 2, GWL-INA have carried out series evaluation on the performance of existing Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) program in Indonesia, mainly activities related to outreach program addressing MSM and TG. Accordingly, the evaluation results have been used as materials to develop a tailored BCC training package for MSM and TG outreach workers.
As a follow up, GWL-INA is aiming to conduct series of training for making use the said training packages. The coming training will consist of 2 parts, i.e. a training of trainer, and several local trainings in the selected cities. In this regard, GWL-INA is seeking applications for the Trainer for National Training of Trainers for BCC module on Basic HIV & Sexual Health for MSM and TG (1 individual) to deliver BCC module on basic HIV and Sexual Health for MSM and transgender in Indonesia.
Scope of Work:
Deliver 4 days training which cover the following topics:
  1. Basic HIV;
  2. Sexual Transmission Infection;
  3. Condom & Lubricant;
  4. Sexual Reproductive;
  5. SOGIE;
  6. Sexual behavior and types of sexual activity
  7. Behavior change introduction
  8. Behavior change steps
  9. Motivational Counseling;
  10. Social media use to support behavior change;
  11. Build teamwork on outreach;
  12. Outreach and assistance activity: Planning, Implementation, Reporting and follow up;
  13. Build and maintain partnership with health service provider;
  14. Self assessment.
Tentative location and date of the training: Bandung, September 14-18, 2015
Key Qualifications:
1.     Understand and applicative using the BCC module on Basic HIV and Sexual health for MSM and TG;
2.     The author and editor for the module/package development process will be prioritized to facilitate this ToT;
3.     Experience in working with HIV Vulnerable Groups, particularly the Gay, MSM and Transgender People (GMT);
4.     Preferably living in Jabodetabek area; and
5.     Fluent in written and spoken English.
Minimum requirements:
1.     Degree in relevant discipline preferably in Psychology, Communication, Public Health.
2.     Well experience in relevant professional, leading communication initiatives in developing/transitioning countries, communication activities associated with primary health care programs, solid mastery of health behavior change theory grounded in applied field applications, design and manage comprehensive behavior changing.
3.     Understand the key concepts and updated issues of MSM and transgender in Indonesia.
4.     Must have excellent communication, presentation and writing skills both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
Interested applicants are requested to send:
  1. Their letter of expression of interest;
  2. A profile of their expertise as well as requested consultancy rate/day; and
  3. A proposed training program that covers required topics above including the learning methods to be used.  
Please send all required docs on or before September 10, 2015 17:00 hrs. Jakarta Western Indonesia Time to Training Coordinator of GWL-INA email: cc: Kindly use “BCC Trainer” as email subject. Only short listed applicants will be contacted.