Lowongan Senior Program Officer for Marine & Fisheries Program - Jakarta - Kerja Ngo

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Lowongan Senior Program Officer for Marine & Fisheries Program - Jakarta

About Transformasi:
The Center for Public Policy Transformation ("Transformasi") is a networked think tank that engages policy makers, scholars and the public in the investigation of public problems, the design and development of solutions, and monitoring and evaluation of results. Transformasi is organized as a network of domestic and international institutions committed to the development of evidence-based policy-making and implementation in Indonesia. Key focus areas include the marine and fisheries sector, urban development, e-learning for regional leadership development, and job creation and sustainable economic growth.

Job Description:
We are currently undergoing an expansion and are seeking a Senior Program Officer for our office in Jakarta, Indonesia to drive the Transformasi Roundtable Series within our Marine and Fisheries Program. The Senior Program Officer role has a dual focus on program management and stakeholder engagement, and candidates should be interested in or have experience from the marine and fisheries sector in Indonesia.

A key responsibility of the Senior Program Officer will be planning and managing the Transformasi Roundtable Series (TRS) - more information on TRS is included below. Another key responsibility is to expand Transformasi’s presence in Indonesia’s marine and fisheries sector by maintaining and building a large network of contacts among government officials, local and international NGOs, universities, research institutions, fisheries experts, and private sector actors.

About the Transformasi Roundtable Series (TRS):
A main activity under Transformasi’s Marine and Fisheries Program is the TRS, which aims to facilitate stakeholder consultations in order to develop policy recommendations and reform in the Indonesian fisheries sector. Supported by a network of experts, practitioners, and decision-makers, TRS will produce recommendations that are impact-driven and fact-based. The support network aims to provide the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and other coastal provincial and district governments with access to knowledge sources for evidence-based policymaking.

The TRS is an ongoing priority for our Marine and Fisheries Program, with the first two topics slated to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2015, with two or more additional topics in 2016. Each topic discussed in the TRS will undergo a process of focus group discussions, commissioned research, larger public conferences, and public communication. The Senior Program Officer will lead the planning of the TRS, as well as organize and mobilize Transformasi’s internal and external resources to execute it.

Desired experience and qualifications:
  • A Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability, Communications, Marine and Fisheries, Public Policy, International Relations, International Business, Political Economy, or other relevant subjects 
  • Experience with project management and stakeholder engagement from a consultancy, think tank, or other relevant organization
  • Excellent organizational and event management skills, with attention to detail and the ability to lead an event planning process from start to finish 
  • Native or near fluent in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, and strong writing skills in both languages
  • Strong networking skills to maintain and expand Transformasi’s profile in the marine and fisheries sector
  • Interest in or experience from the marine and fisheries sector
Responsibilities include: 
  • Planning, overseeing, and executing each Marine and Fisheries Program TRS (e.g. propose budget and manage invitations and venue for each Focus Group Discussion) 
  • Networking and outreach to maintain and expand Transformasi’s connections with government officials, local and international NGOs, universities, research institutions, fisheries experts and private sector actors 
  • Driving and coordinating planning between Transformasi, consultants, experts, and donors in designing each TRS topic
  • Coordinating and managing internal and commissioned research according to the Scope of Work for each TRS topic
  • Preparing written reports, public output, and internal documentation based on outcomes of the TRS 
  • Supporting other activities and key initiatives underway within Transformasi as needed
Application details:
  • Compensation is competitive 
  • This is a full-time salaried position
  • Desired start date: October, 2015
  • Application deadline: 6 October, 2015
  • Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample (no more than 5 pages) to our Human Resources desk at hr@transformasi.org 
  • Applications must clearly state professional qualifications that meet or exceed all the required experience and skills listed above

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