Management Systems International, Inc
Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Terms of Reference (ToR)
Position                                            : IT Consultant 
Languages Required                 : Indonesia  
Duration of Contract                : 20 days  
Working Period                           : September - December 2015  

In late 2015, there will be local elections in 269 cities in 11 provinces. The new local election Law Number 1/2015 -which SIAP 1 also contributed to through policy advocacy on campaign financing stipulations - introduces key reforms  including campaign expenditure cap (a complement to the existing donation cap), and state financing of some types of campaign activities. These are designed as a cost control measure, to create a more level playing field. KPU, KPU Province, and KPU Kabupaten/Kota are assigned by the law to determine the campaign expenditure cap by considering numbers of residents,  geographic scope of the districts, and local cost standards. The state financing of certain campaign activities is organized by KPU through facilitation of public debate, distribution of campaign materials, and media advertisements under state budget.
The upcoming local election has caused public concerns due to limited preparation time, caused by delays in the law making process. In addition, concerns remain on the classic problem of vote buying, campaign finance regulation compliance, voter awareness about campaign financing, as well as the general performance of election management bodies. Thus, SIAP-1 plans to conduct monitoring in 3 provinces, 3 cities and 3 districts to promote transparency and accountability of campaign financing and its reporting by engaging 18 local observers. Observers will submit the data and information using election monitoring application (IT-based). In this regards, MSI SIAP-1 seeks the expertise of IT Consultant to provide assistance in customizing the application for election monitoring application. In addition, the consultant will also train and provide assistance to local observers to use the application.
A.     Objective: 
1.       To customize the election monitoring application to be used by observers, coordinators, and team leader
2.       To train local observers to use the application
B.     Key Responsibilities and Activities:
1.       Customize the election monitoring application as a data collection and reporting systems to be used by observers, coordinators and team leaders (more detailed requirement will be provided later)
2.       Present the prototype during workshop on finalizing monitoring strategy and training modules
3.       Develop a short application manual as a guideline for all user of the application.
4.       Ensure that the application is ready to use, at the latest by 23 September, 2015.
5.       Conduct training to local observers, coordinators, and team leader to operate the application
6.       Publish all monitoring results provided by coordinator observer and team leader on the website and social media
C.      Deliverables & Payment Schedule
Time allocated (in days)
Customize the election monitoring application
Customized application
4 days
Present the prototype
Report on the application trial
1 day
Ensure the application runs well
5 days
Develop application manual
User manual
2 days
Training to local observers, coordinators, and team leader
TOR, pre-and post test, training report & assistance
3 days
Publication to website and social media
Report on website & social media updates
5 days
Total number of working days
20 days
The IT Consultant will be required to provide:
·         Customized application
·         Report on the application trial
·         User manual
·         TOR, pre and post test, training report & assistance
·         Report on website & social media updates
The IT Consultant will be paid the consultancy fee upon completion of the following milestones:
·         40% after submitting customized application and report on the application trial
·         30% after submitting user manual, TOR, pre and post test, training report & assistance
·         30% after submitting report on website & social media updates
The IT Consultant will be paid as Lump sum amount (excluding travel cost - if needed).

1.       Individual/personal consultant
2.       Bachelor degree in information technology or related field
3.       At least three years of relevant work experience on developing application
4.       Experienced in developing election monitoring system is preffered
5.       Experienced trainer
6.       Excellent organizational and coordination skills
7.       Have a good communication skill and good personality
8.       Have an experience working with government agencies is preferred
**This is a local position; only Indonesian nationals will be considered.
Application should include a cover letter, CV (including three references) and contact number by September 28, 2015.
Please send applications indicating ‘Election Monitoring' as the subject of your email addressed to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.