Tetra Tech ARD Job Vacancy: Landscape Governance Specialist - Tapaktuan & Gayo Lues - Kerja Ngo

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Tetra Tech ARD Job Vacancy: Landscape Governance Specialist - Tapaktuan & Gayo Lues

Tetra Tech ARD is currently accepting expressions of interest for the Landscape Governance Specialist, Aceh based (Tapaktuan and Gayo Lues), on our USAID LESTARI project. USAID’s LESTARI project supports the Government of Indonesia to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conserve biodiversity in carbon rich and biologically significant forest and mangrove ecosystems.

Job Summary: The Landscape Governance Specialist is a member of the LESTARI Forest Governance Team and leads all activities to achieve improved environmental governance of district governments, MSFs and other stakeholders at the landscape level with relevant focal district partners.

This may also involve building links and facilitating discourse between district-level partners with those at the provincial and national level. In the context of LESTARI, Good Environmental Governance is well-informed, coherent, and integrated decision-making on issues that impact land use, forest conservation and GHG emissions, and that achieves environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

The Landscape Governance Specialist is charged with improving capacities, regulatory and organizational arrangements, and integrating environmental sustainability in development throughout the landscape.

Requirements include previous experience in similar roles either for donor projects, the private sector, including but not limited to in depth knowledge of the assigned region/landscape; familiarity with USAID procedures and regulations; and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role working on a multi-disciplinary team. University degree in related field required.

Please submit a letter of interest, CV and three professional references by 13 September 2015 (the latest) with subject Landscape Governance Specialist, Aceh based  (Tapaktuan and Gayo Lues) to: recruitmentlestari009@gmail.com

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