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Save the Children Seek Journalist - Signature Program, Jakarta

Save the Children has been working with Ministry of Social Affairs and other key stakeholders as well as the social service providers for more than 8 (eight) years to support a major shift in policy and practice in the way child protection and care is understood as well as delivered. It results a long term program to shift the paradigm from institutionalization based towards family based care.

The program was selected as the signature program and named the Families First from 2014 to 2017. The Families First Program developed its strategies to achieve paradigm shift as follows:
  • On Preventing Institutionalization: Stakeholders including families understand the importance of family care for children, are able to take care of children within their own homes or in other type of family-based alternative care, and able to access services and support in their own communities. 
  • On Direct Response: Girls and boys facing care and protection issues are supported through effective and appropriate responses based on their individual needs and best interests from the Children and Family Support Center (PDAK) 
  • On Legal and Policy Change: National, provincial and district laws provide legal safeguards to girls and boys, preventing unnecessary institutionalization, and promoting family based care Hence, we are looking for a professional consultant to produce a learning documentation from ten (10) case studies on direct response component with the following main requirements:
    • Capable to write 10 (ten) case studies of PDAK in a standard learning book
    • Capable to provide a good and attractive layout
    • Capable to to draw some illustration on each chapter of case study to describe briefly about the story
Interested invitee (s) must submit their written expression of interest along with :
  • Comprehensive resume with relevant past experience as well as relevant examples of similar work 
  • Proposed detail budget with proposed time lime in details
Interested invitee (personal/team) must submit their proposal by email to by October 30th, 2015 before 5 pm indicated the subject: “RFP –Consultant for Journalist-Signature Program”
For more information please visit: HERE

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