The Coral Triangle Initiative Vacancy: Consultancy as Coordinator of Secretariat Administration of CTI - CFF, Jakarta - Kerja Ngo

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The Coral Triangle Initiative Vacancy: Consultancy as Coordinator of Secretariat Administration of CTI - CFF, Jakarta


CTI - CFF Regional Secretariat
Consultancy as Coordinator of Secretariat Administration of CTI - CFF

The Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF) is a multilateral partnership of six countries working together to sustain extraordinary marine and coastal resources by addressing crucial issues such as food security, climate change and marine biodiversity. There is broad scientific consensus that the Coral Triangle represents a global epicenter of marine life abundance and diversity. Spanning only 1.6% of the planet’s oceans, the Coral Triangle region is home to the highest coral diversity in the world with 600 corals or 76% of the world’s known coral species. It contains the highest reef fish diversity on the planet with 2,500 or 37% of the world’s reef fish species concentrated in the area. It also a spawning and nursery ground for six species of threatened marine turtles, endangered fish and cetaceans such as tuna and blue whales. These unparalleled marine and coastal living resources provide significant benefits to the approximately 363 million people who reside in the Coral Triangle, as well as billions more outside the region. As a source of food, income and protection from severe weather events, the ongoing health of these ecosystems is critical.

The CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat is mandated to promote regional cooperation, sharing of lessons, and facilitate learning across the six Coral Triangle countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. The Regional Secretariat also coordinates and monitors the progress in achieving the CTI–CFF Regional Plan of Action goals. Its main activities cover the following areas: organizational development, outreach and communication, regional coordination and mechanisms, technical and thematic working groups, development of key regional reports, and capacity development. It also serves as the main liaison and for all CTI–CFF official functions such as the annual CTI-CFF Senior Officials Meetings (SOM) and the bi-annual CTI-CFF Ministerial Meetings.

Job Mission
  1. Undertake to carry out priority tasks associated with the secretariat administrative services and the transition to the operation of the Regional Secretariat CTI–CFF with implementing various regional events.
  2. Serve as a hub for communication and coordination: a) between the Executive Directors, and b) between the Partners.
Job Illustration
The Coordinator of Secretariat Administration of CTI–CFF is mainly responsible for: 
  1. Perform the secretariat administrative activities to a high standard and in accordance with the relevant best practice.
  2. Develop a Work Plan for the duration of this Agreement.
  3. Provide and responsible for administrative support as may be required by the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat i.e. preparation of reports, presentation materials, decision documents and the like.
  4. Planning for transition to the CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat – including a description of major tasks to be completed and the outcome/result targeted, sequencing of tasks, indication of and a plan for obtaining the necessary authorizations.
  5. Pursue activities so that CTI member countries can arrange deposition of ratification instruments – including as needed contact with relevant countries as yet to deposit their instrument, support and guidance to those countries on the form and manner of deposition, provision of information to relevant parties within the respective Governments in support of their action to deposit.
  6. Arranging for disbursement of contributions from CTI member countries including but not limited Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island and Philippines.
  7. Provide and arrange for the effective operations to the premises of the permanent Regional Secretariat such the procurement for such items and services, the connection of necessary utilities, and also the necessary of banking accounts.
  8. Subject to funding availability and the readiness of CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat building for occupation, execute works to assist the Executive Director in establishing the operating systems of the permanent Secretariat.
  9. Facilitate and collaborate with other organizations including but not limited to USAID, SPREP, USDOI, SEAFDEC, and GIZ.
  10. Participate in such meetings as may be reasonably requested to update the Australian Government and other CTI Partners on progress toward the above outcomes. At minimum this will include participation in the CTI Partner teleconferences.
  11. Provide overall the secretariat administrative support services to the Technical Working Groups and Governance Working Group.
Expected Output
  • Facilitate the completion of the Host Country Agreement.
  • Finalization the ratification of the agreement to establish the Secretariat deposit instruments with the Government of Indonesia.
  • Facilitate the guidelines of the CTI–CFF Meeting Management and Publications.
  • Facilitate the implementing collaboration agreement of the umbrella partnership of the CTI–CFF with other organizations including but not limited to USAID, SPREP, USDOI, SEAFDEC, and GIZ.
  • Facilitate the schedule of disbursement of contributions from CTI member countries.
  • Prepare a plan to guide the transition Secretariat to the Permanent Secretariat is finalized and agreed to by the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure the initial operating systems of the Permanent Secretariat, both financial and governance are in place.
Coordination and Reporting
The Coordinator of Secretariat Administration of CTI–CFF will report directly to the Executive Director of CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat in the daily implementation and completion of the services and deliverable outlined in TOR.

Competency Requirements
  • University Degree, master and doctoral degree would be an advantageous
  • At least 8 years of experience in delivering secretariat administrative activities implemented by national/international/NGO/ UN bodies/Government
  • Demonstrate an understanding on marine, fisheries, and coral environment or other relevant issue is a plus.
  • Excellent in facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Ability to deal with representatives of governments and partners.
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Flexible in communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent spoken and written English is a must.
  • Familiar with computer and information technology skills.
Period of Performance
  • Start:  Immediate.
  • End:  3 (three) months after the contract signing, with possibility to be extended
Submission of Application
  • Application letter and updated CV should be sent to and
  • Please fill the “subject” column of the emails in this format “ <CSA> - <your name> ".
  • Closing date for application is 12 October 2015.

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