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ChildFund Indonesia Vacancy: An Independent Consultant For Job Market Survey - Indonesian

ChildFund is an international child focused development agency working in 33 countries to create lasting and meaningful change in the lives of more than 10.5 million vulnerable, deprived and excluded children, families and communities, regardless of race, creed, gender or national origin. In Indonesia ChildFund has been operating for 34 years since 1973, in areas where the need is the greatest and currently reaches out to 900,000 children and family members in partnership with 50 local NGOs spread across 8 provinces.

ChildFund Indonesia is currently seeking: 
Position                : An independent consultant for job market survey
Duration                : Two-month contract 

ChildFund Indonesia in partnership with 5 local Partners in Central Java is implementing a three-year funded GADIS project as an alternative solution to encounter human trafficking.
The GADIS (transl. adolescent girl) project, which stands for Girls in Action Develop Inner Selves, was developed to provide adolescent girls who are at risk of dropping out of school with the opportunity to develop themselves through a range of trainings and social development courses. With improved skills and higher incomes, these young women will have greater control over their lives and will be better able to provide for their own well-being and that of their future babies. Removed from the economic desperation that so often leads parents to give their children up to traffickers, it is expected that incidents of female and baby trafficking will be greatly reduced.  

This 3 year project, funded by private donors, will reach 2,700 adolescent girls from 27 (Child) Youth Forums in ChildFund’s Local Partners 5 working areas in Central Java and DI Yogyakarta. This project also involve young boys as indirectly target group.


The purpose of the study is to collect qualitative and quantitative data on business potentials sectors, employment opportunities and greatest vocational skill training needed for youth in anticipating their future alternative carrier choices.   
The External Consultant is expected to:
·         Develop survey tools including questionnaires, sample size, and data collection system
·         Identify of potential product/commodities on JATENG and DIY districts
·         Provide information about the industries/business and its supporting business in JATENG and DIY which are potential for youth employment in JATENG and DIY
·         Identify  tailored support vocational and educational skill demanded by employers
·         Provide recommendation on market driven professions and sectors which are also interesting for youth
·         Identify of the gap in potential product/commodities
·         Assess of  youth participation in value chain and the degree of youth involvement
·         Mapping of value chain for three top high-value products/commodities
·         Submit a draft survey report to ChildFund Indonesia for review and comments
·         Submit the final report integrating the comments from ChildFund.

The external Consultant is expected to work closely with the M&E Specialist, LS3 Specialist, Grant Specialist, Project Officer  and Zonal Manager
·         Inception report-This need to be submitted 5 days after signing of contract. It is to contain the following: (a) Research framework, methodology and tools (b) Survey questionnaires including FGD questionnaire (in bahasa and English), List of key informants and (C). Survey mobilization plan. The inception report will be approved by by ChildFund Indonesia. 
·         Work plan including list of field activity implementation  and completion of works
·         Presentation of the draft report to ChildFund Indonesia staff two days after submission of the first draft
·         Submission  of Final report 3 days after ChildFund Indonesia has provided comments and clarification (electronic and hard Copy).
TIME FRAME: Maximum working days proposed is 8 weeks started from 25th November to 25th January 2016


Payment will be made (by bank transfer or in check, whichever is applicable) based on the completion of agreed deliverable(s).

·         Previous experience in  related market research and analysis
·         Proven ability and experience in participatory methodology including quantitative and qualitative methods.
·         Multi stakeholders and network experience especially industry network
·         Preferable consultant with profound knowledge on economy and geographical condition of DIY and JATENG District 
Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a relevant human services discipline, or equivalent relevant work.  

Interested consultants should submit a 1-page expression of interest, curriculum vitae, proposed general work plan, and proposed budget to carry out the assignment to 

This position is opened for Indonesian national only.

Deadline for lodging applications: 15 November 2015

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