ISEAN Hivos Vacancy: Policy & Advocacy Officer to Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer - Jakarta - Kerja Ngo

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ISEAN Hivos Vacancy: Policy & Advocacy Officer to Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer - Jakarta

Policy & Advocacy Officer (PAO) to Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Officer (ARMO)
Issuance Date: November 17, 2015
Reports to: ISEAN Regional Program Manager
Coordinates with: ISEAN Trans Program Specialist, ISEAN Training Coordinator, ISEAN Knowledge Management & Communication Officer, ISEAN Finance Officer, ISEAN Administration Officer, occasionally liaising with PR, SRs, national networks and stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of work plans and budgets;
  • Support the RPM in the implementation of his/her duties; 
  • Carry out field visits and participate in program monitoring and evaluations in line with work plans; 
  • Identify, provide research, and analysis on government policy issues, suggest strategies, and prepare policy papers related to ISEAN operations in particular and related debates, and produce reports that will establish a database of government policies and procedures relevant to ISEAN’s operations and project outlook; 
  • Research MSM and Transgender People issues by identifying policies, existing synergies and potential gaps, and by obtaining information on policies and procedures of other organizations; 
  • Prepare policy papers, recommendations, reports and studies on MSM and Transgender People related issues, and assist in the preparation of other documents with an emphasis on government policies and procedures; 
  • Provide guidance for Country Networks and SRs on program implementation and reporting; andwork closely with other networks to develop coordinated advocacy and public campaigns on ISEAN’s priority themes and countries; 
  • Provide support in organising regional and national coordination meetings, including liaising with participants on events, meeting, training and workshops; 
  • Contribute to documenting and disseminating project-related best practices and lessons learnt. 
  • Advise and support the development of partnership collaboration with UN agencies and other stakeholders; 
  • Where appropriate, and in consultation with ISEAN management, enhance ISEAN’s leadership status in different government forums, i.e., related to MSM and Transgender issues based on the Visions, Missions and Goals of ISEAN; 
  • Consult with and maintain relations with NGOs and bilaterals; participate in general health and human rights discussions, and exchange views on broad health and human rights policy issues that focuses on MSM and Transgender People; 
  • Prepare statements and presentations for ISEAN management and assist as requested in matters related to relationships of ISEAN with government/ASEAN based on the Visions, Missions and Goals of ISEAN; 
  • Advise and contribute to the formulation of ISEANs’ Advocacy guidelines and project implementation plans,ensuring that it is firmly grounded in evidence from our programs and a good analysis of our advocacy targets in the sub-region and region; 
  • Through organization of case studies, demonstrate how project innovations work and offer guidance for eventual replication and scaling up;
  • Prepare operationally relevant technical studies that will contribute to the elaboration of “lessons learned” and best practices;
  • Policy brief notes and other materials on key focus countries where ISEAN operates, and on the policy environment in the region;
  • Provide content for key communications material including website, 2-pagers, and annual report;
  • With AA, create and maintain internal systems, including contact lists, diaries of upcoming events and opportunities and other databases;
  • With guidance RPM, and in collaboration with other internal and external implementation partners, develop a specific fundraising approach for ISEAN with the donor community under his/her responsibility (traditional or non-traditional donors) and provide advice and support to RPM and relevant staff in the implementation of this strategy;
  • Establish and broaden relations with traditional or non-traditional donors and financial partners and analyze information on their funding priorities and trends; advise ISEAN interagency partners on methods to develop bankable projects; explore possible sources of funding, and coordinate strategic programme development opportunities with relevant ISEAN stakeholders;
  • Develop ISEAN's resource mobilization capacity through establishing a sound, methodological, coordinated and long-term approach to resource mobilization; 
  • Organize fundraising activities, such as donor briefings and presentations or joint donor events with the country networks in cooperation with relevant internal stakeholders; 
  • Monitor the provision of transparent, high-quality targeted reports for donors as agreed in the respective agreements; 
  • Consistently monitor systematic, regular and transparent reporting on all fundraising activities and results related to the donor community under his/her responsibility; and 
  • Assist in other tasks of the ISEAN, as required
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Strategic approach: Ability to contribute to the development of the ISEAN's fundraising approach with regards to the donor community under his/her responsibility and to develop fundraising tools and mechanisms, whilst ensuring that the ISEAN's reputation for integrity and its institutional independence are upheld and enhanced.
  • Creating and innovating: Ability to develop and adapt innovative approaches and replicable strategies for fundraising, through the analysis of trends and experience and the consideration of lessons learnt. 
  • Adapting and responding to change: Ability to challenge and question common resource mobilization practices and previous approaches, to adapt to changing circumstances and needs, and to identify and prioritize marketable projects. 
  • Interpersonal skills: 
    • Ability to build networks and strategic alliances and maintain relationships with key donors and other partners, with tact and sensitivity. 
    • Ability to develop detailed knowledge and understanding of priorities and the areas of interest of partners whilst sensitizing them to ISEAN programmatic activities.
  • Communication skills: Ability to make presentations that catch and maintain audience interest. 
  • Planning and organizing skills: Ability to coordinate and facilitate timely reporting of results and successes to donors and member countries.
Education, Experience and Language Skills
  • Advanced university degree in finance, business, public administration, international relations or any other related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of proven, hands-on working experience in advocacy, fundraising, resource mobilization and project development preferably in the field of international human health, with progressive scope of responsibilities.
  • Several years of work experience in a multinational or regional context requiring complex coordination with multiple stakeholders.
  • Proven record of mobilizing resources in private and public sectors, preferably in the field of human health. 
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English. Knowledge of Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Tetum, Chinese and Tamil highly desirable.
Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter (Title: ARMO) accompanied by full resume stating details of educational qualifications and working experience, before November 25, 2015 to:

ISEAN encourages those who are under the age of 33 and identity as either gay, men who have sex with men, transgender or PLHIV to apply

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