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Lowongan Healthy for School in Aceh based in Takengon

Healthy for School in Aceh (Phase 2 Project) is a School Healthy Hygiene and Nutrition program that conducted by Save the Children under support from Hyundai and Community Chest Korea during period 1 January – 31 December 2015. This coverage of project was intended for 2,682 students and 215 teachers in 15 schools in three sub districts namely Lut Tawar, Bebesen and Rusip in Aceh Tengah District, Aceh Province.

The goal of the project was Children in Aceh Tengah district have improved access to and utilize water and sanitation facilities and adopt key hygiene and health practices. Whether the objective were:
  1. To increase availability of and access to school based health services and sanitation facilities
  2. To improve quality of school-based health promotion and services
  3. To improve awareness, knowledge and practices of primary school children, their parents and teachers in health, hygiene in targeted schools
  4. To improve community support and policy environment for school health program in Aceh Tengah
Main Objectives
The main goal of this endline study are outlined below:
  1. To measures project achievement based on listed project key performance indicator in section F below
  2. To provide  analysis  of factors contributing to project achievement.
  3. To provides comparison with appropriate statistical analysis between baseline and endline
  4. To provides recommendation and lesson learnt based on findings for future similar project intervention
We are seeking for : Consultant Endlinestudy for Healthy for Schools in Aceh Tengah/ Hyundai Project, Aceh Tengah
For more information please visit :HERE

Consulting firm must submit their proposal and institution experience form in a sealed envelope by 15 November 2015, 4 pm Jakarta Time to below address:
Save the Children International
Attn. Procurement Committee
Jl. Taman Margasatwa No. 26 C, Ragunan – Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12550, Phone: 021-781 2336, Fax: 021-781 2325

Or You can send an electronic copy of your proposal and Power point presentation material to: Procurement.Indonesia@savethechildren.org with a Subject: ENDLINE STUDY HYUNDAI - <your company/ name> with the latest date: 15 November 2015 before 2 pm Jakarta Time. Please do not send before this date.

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