Programme Officer (Kode: PO)
(Banda Aceh, Medan, Meulaboh, Jakarta, Lembang, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali, Flores)

Main responsibilities :
  • Being a father figure for children, youth and families SOS Children's Village 
  • Run, monitor and evaluate programs for beneficiaries in the SOS Children's Village Cibubur, in accordance with the policy of SOS Children's Villages Program
  • Develop character / capacity building program for Beneficiaries in SOS Children's Village, in accordance with the values of the local culture and policy SOS Children's Villages Programme
  • Develop beneficiariest progress report on the SOS Children's Village
  • Do families visit 
  • Ensuring Program Database (PDB) SOS Children's Village goes according to regulations / policy in SOS Children's Villages Indonesia.
  • Develop a network with individuals, organizations / other agencies and government for the benefit of the program at the SOS Children's Village
  • Provide support for the implementation of the Program Development Department program SOS Children's Villages Indonesia.
Qualification :
  • Bachelor degree in social sciences (management/leadership, HRM, educational sciences, psychology, social work etc.) 
  • Min 5 years experience
  • Having leadership experience at a senior management/executive level, preferentially within the NGO or public sector;having practical experience in one or more of the following functional areas: child and/or youth care, community development, human resource management, psychology, education
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Readiness to live within an SOS Children’s Village Indonesia (Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, Medan, Jakarta, Lembang-Bandung, Semarang, Tabanan-Bali, and Maumere-Flores)
  • Willingness to make a long-term commitment
  • Strong interest in working with children and youths
  • Excellent skills and expertise in HR/HRD; ability of strategic thinking, planning and budgeting; financial management skills; basic knowledge in fundraising and marketing; network-based way of thinking
  • Excellent knowledge and skills of Pedagogical and psychological, basic comprehension of child, youth and family development
  • Excellent knowledge of national child welfare and child care legislation, familiar with and aware of children’s rights and child protection,
  • Capability to promote child and youth activities
  • Experience in cooperating with local and national child and youth care projects of governmental and NGO initiatives
  • Intercultural, gender and diversity sensitivity, respects and appreciates different cultures, religions and social backgrounds and is capable of a gender sensitive approach
  • Emphatic and active listener
  • Excellent skills of Community development and facilitation
  • Capability for participative approaches
  • Excellent skills Monitoring and evaluation
  • Hands-on computer software skills
  • Good presentation and project management skills
  • Knowledge of English
Please submit your CV to : (max 25MB)
no later than 10th December 2015 Programme Officer (Kode: PO)
(Banda Aceh, Medan, Meulaboh, Jakarta, Lembang, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali, Flores)