Lowongan Biodiversity & Environment Technical Lead Tahun 2016 di Indonesia - Kerja Ngo

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Lowongan Biodiversity & Environment Technical Lead Tahun 2016 di Indonesia

Biodiversity & Environment Technical Lead

Job Description
Ekologika is a new company set up to provide the highest quality of biodiversity, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural assessments evaluations and surveys in Indonesia within the natural resource (forestry, agriculture and mining sector) and community development sector. Our staff have decades of experience working in these fields for local and international conservation and development organisations, as well as natural resource private sector. Ekologika also has an extensive network of experts from local universities, NGOs and other companies that have provided proven during past collaborations in the field.

Our Mission
Sustainable Development for Human Wellbeing through:
  • Knowledge management, which enables Ekologika and partners development innovative, effective and efficient methodologies, recommendations and strategies. 
  • Sharing knowledge, which gives clients skills and knowhow to apply recommended methods and techniques. 
  • Placing Objectivity centrally in EkologikaŹ¼s work with clients to achieve responsible and equitable management of natural resources and livelihood assets. 
  • Developing Excellence within our Sector through providing Technical and Advisory service and Project Implementation.
The Biodiversity Technical Lead, contributes to some of Ekologika’s areas of expertise including but not limited to:
  • High Conservation Value assessments and training
  • Biodiversity, Socio-Economic and Cultural baseline surveys and management
  • Conservation Management Planning / Best Management Practices
  • Spatial planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment Project Development
  • In coordination with Ekologika staff and partners, the Biodiversity Technical Lead coordinates day-to-day biodiversity-related aspects of projects at the species, sites and landscape levels. The main purpose of this position is to ensure that Ekologika continually improves its capacity and expertise for biodiversity conservation within the wider field of sustainable development.
  • Ekologika manages numerous multi-disciplinary projects and therefore utilizes matrix management to respond to the needs of projects while maintaining ‘administrative based’ line management. The Biodiversity technical
  • Lead reports to the Director, is expected to become a project manager, and may also report to other managers for specific projects (including subordinates).
Key Responsibility
  • Develop and/or provide suitable biodiversity-related protocols for surveying and monitoring specific to field / project conditions. 
  • Develop and/or provide input for biodiversity management and monitoring recommendations as required by projects. 
  • Plan and provide technical assistance and training needed by the company to deliver of project deliverables related to biodiversity. 
  • Where assigned as team leader—such as for High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments or feasibility studies—directly coordinate the all project elements, teams and consultants to ensure high quality deliverables and progress reports as required; 
  • Coordinate with other project team leaders, Technical leads, Managers and Director/s to develop and maintain biodiversity-related proposals, work plans, trainings, budgets and reports as required; 
  • Provide additional tasks with projects on an as required basis.
Education: Advanced University degree (S2+) in Biological Sciences and Forestry.
Work Experience: 10 years of experience working in similar roles with conservation organization, natural
resource extraction private sector, or further education organizations.
Skills: In depth knowledge of
a. Species conservation
b. Practical experience in applied conservation biology
c. Sustainable forestry and agriculture approaches (including certification)
d. Landscape conservation approach
e. High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment
f. Climate change issues

Fluency in spoken and written Indonesian and English
1. Strong coordination and team playing skills.
2. Demonstrated ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams.
3. Ability to engage in activities occurring in multiple sites with multiple stakeholders across Indonesia.
4. Willingness to travel for significant periods of time away from point of contract.

How to Apply
Send your letter of interest and CV to: a.revelino@ekologika.co.id   CC: isaraswati@ekologika.co.id  & info@ekologika.co.id

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