Lowongan GIS Officer - Biodiversity Division, Central Kalimantan - Kerja Ngo

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Lowongan GIS Officer - Biodiversity Division, Central Kalimantan

Job Title: GIS officer

Job Type: Full time permanent position reporting to Biodiversity Manager

Duty location: PT Surya Sawit Sejati in Central Kalimantan
Key Responsibilities
This is a full time position responsible for developing a sound and useful GIS system for the application of PT SSS’s agricultural and conservation activities. This includes mapping all topographical, fauna and flora, hydrological and agricultural features.

The key task is to set up a GIS system, digitizing topographical (incl. hydrology), ecological, agricultural (incl. soil types, test etc) and economic features of PT SSS’s properties, 3D map production, coordinating information input, providing information and analytical support to the subject specialists and the estate managers and guide agricultural and/or conservation development activities. It is critical that a system is based on mainstream GIS programmes, such as ESRI’s (ArcView, ArcInfo, ArcGIS) and MapInfo. A key duty is to develop the base layers of a GIS system for UP’s properties, including 3D watershed models, and apply the system for future management purposes.

Furthermore, the GIS officer will provide key input to setting up agricultural test plots for research into measuring environmental parameters (e.g. erosion, siltation, pesticide run off, fertilizer run off, abiotic factors etc) with agricultural performance (e.g. yield, treatment quantification, harvest etc) and optimizing agricultural practises. The GIS officer plays a key role in ensuring that PT SSS’s plantation activities are financially effective and environmentally sustainable.

The position will be based as part of the Biodiversity Division.
The GIS officer reports to Biodiversity Manager.
The desired qualifications for this position are:
  • A Bachelor degree (or higher) in geography, remote sensing or related fields 
  • A minimum 3 years of experience working on GIS systems and remote sensing 
  • A minimum 3 years of experience in GIS analysis
  • At least 3 years of experience in development of databases 
  • Experience in developing landuse models including watersheds, floristic zones etc
  • Extensive knowledge in hydrology 
  • Experience in applying and analysing LiDAR data in GIS programmes 
  • Passion for working in a team of multicultural and cross sectoral environment. 
  • Familiar with mainstream GIS programmes (e.g. ArcView/Info/GIS, MapInfo).
  • Passionate about GIS
  • Fluency in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • In possession of driving license.
  • Willing to work at flexible hours.
PT SSS is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from both genders.
Interested applicants are required to send submit the following:
  • Cover letter: a maximum one (1) page A-4 size letter stating which position you apply for, your interest in the position, your general background, experience and expected remuneration package. 
  • Curriculum vitae: an updated curriculum vitae providing concise information about your academic qualification, working experience and affiliation to relevant organizations and institutions.
  • Availability: please provide date of earliest availability. If you are in a situation that requires release from other employers, please provide details of this.
  • Copy of education certificates.
  • Contact: please provide email, postal address and telephone number.
Applications should be sent by email to:
Muhammad Silmi
Email: silmie82@gmail.com
Short-listed candidates will be notified by the 15th of March, 2016
Application deadline: 7th of March, 2016

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