Save The Children Job Vacancy: Face To Face Fundraising Venue Consultant - Jakarta, Indonesian - Kerja Ngo

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Save The Children Job Vacancy: Face To Face Fundraising Venue Consultant - Jakarta, Indonesian

Scope of Works
F2F Fundraising Venue Consultant

Program Background
The face to Face objective is to increase the financial strength of Save the Children by recruiting donors to give automatic monthly donations through a credit card or a bank direct debit. And one of the important tools for running Face to Face program is the location. Face to face fundraiser will work 5 days in every week, in the location that has been permitted by the location owner. It needs someone who concentrate to find location to ensure the location that fundraiser is entering is a potential location to get donor.

Potential location means the location is passing by lots of people, who is Save the Children target market, which is people who are above 21 years old, workers, have credit card or bank account, care for social issue and educated.

It needs skilled person to do the research, create venue proposal and negotiate to get the permit. The process will take max in 2 weeks to get the permission. Face to Face has made a plan to have this person in place, but it will take more than 2 month to process the recruitment until he/she able to work. They need place and fix schedule to do fundraising job. So because there’s no person in charge to do that, we request to have a consultant to find and secure a location to be filled for Jakarta F2F Fundraiser  from 8 mar - 31 Dec 2016 Schedule (attach).

Venue Consultant

  • To secure venue in Jakarta based on the schedule that has been set in the schedule.  
Task and Responsibility
  • Send proposal to all venue in the schedule directly to the mall.
  • Follow up the proposal to get appointment to have face to face meeting with mall management 
  • Have a meeting to negotiate with mall management to get venue permit agreement based on the schedule and budget that has been set in the timeline and submit the quotation to logistic team with Support Officer help 
  • Sending Purchasing Order to the mall and follow up the mall for the Contract agreement. 
  • Deliver Contract Agreement from the mall base on venue schedule 
  • Process Load In and Out Letter from the mall on the agreed venue schedule.
  • Proposal receiving notes taken by the mall management contact person 
  • MoM negotiation with the mall 
  • Quotation letter from the mall 
  • Contract Agreement from the mall
  • Loading in and out letter from the mall
Time Frame
12 Feb - 30 June 2016

Fee Payment:
Contractor will get fee based on the objectives that he / she has delivered to Save the Children.

Additional Benefit
Communication Fee  / month, will be informed in the interview.

Term of Payment
Save the Children will process the payment after contract is finished. Payment will be process once the contract deliverables received and verified.

Report Line:
F2F Support Officer

Interested candidate please send  CV and application letter via  email to :

Deadline for application is 9 February 2016, time  17.00 Jakarta Time

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