The Coral Triangle Initiative Job Vacancy: Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Services - Manado - Kerja Ngo

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The Coral Triangle Initiative Job Vacancy: Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Services - Manado

The Coral Triangle Initiative – on Coral Reef, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI–CFF) is a multilateral partnership of six countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste) working together to sustain the region’s rich marine and coastal resources. The CTI-CFF is managed through a Regional Secretariat based in Manado, Indonesia.

The CTI-CFF is seeking for experienced individuals for the following positions to help strengthen the operations and implementation of the CTI-CFF goals and targets which is to address crucial issues particularly on food security, climate change, and marine biodiversity. These positions will serve as an integral member of the senior management team that will play a lead role in the design and technical implementation of program activities.

Job Mission
  1. Responsible for providing management of human resources, finance, information and communication technology services to the Parties for promoting the work of CTI–CFF and any other decisions as may be agreed by the CT6 member countries.
  2. Undertake work with the CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat to carry out priority tasks associated with the management of the financial and general affairs of the CTI–CFF for the proper functioning of the Regional Secretariat.
Job Illustration
The Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Services is mainly responsible for:
  1. Facilitating and manage accordingly the meetings, dialogues, workshops with relevant groups and stakeholders in support of the implementation of the work of CTI–CFF.
  2. Provide services and facilitate the proper functioning of the Secretariat as may be required by the Parties and also business accordingly with the relevant best practice.
  3. Exercise the administrative of human resources services and financial affairs such as rules, procedures and regulations including auditing.
  4. Perform such information technology and communication management including maintenance of archives, databases and website for implementing the CTI-CFF programs and goals.
  5. Provide support accordingly in infrastructure maintenances such as office maintenances and general reparation including insurance for property protection.
  6. Support the Executive Director of CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat to undertake tasks which are mandated in the deliverable, and endorsed in SOM for the efficient functioning of the Secretariat.
  7. Work with respective DED Program Services to provide facilitation and secretariat support to all of CTI’s Working Groups to ensure their activities are aligned with overall CTI–CFF regional priority of actions.
  8. Coordinate with the National Coordinating Committees (NCCs) of Coral Triangle countries (CT6) in identifying and conducting relevant event preparations.
  9. Prepare and organize knowledge products and other collateral materials to be used for the regional exchanges, training, including but not limited to Seniors Officials’ Meeting (SOM) and Ministerial Meeting (MM).
  10. Provide support as may be required by the Regional Secretariat i.e. preparation of reports, presentation materials, sharing and consolidating necessary decision documents and virtual information sharing tools and the like.
Expected Output
  1. Well running and highly coordinated the management of the financial and general affairs of the CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat.
  2. The Service implementation of the proper functioning of the Secretariat including general administration and system management, infrastructure maintenance, information technology and communication management, human resources, and as may be required by other parties and business.
Coordination and Reporting
  1. The applicant will report directly to the Executive Director of CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat in the daily implementation and completion of the services and deliverables outlined in TOR.
  2. The applicant is expected to work closely with Deputy Executive Director of Program Services of CTI–CFF.
Competency Requirements
  1. Preferably a Master’s Degree or higher in relevant Economic, and/or Management.
  2. Previous experience minimum 10 years of working with high impact national, regional and global programs will be an advantage.
  3. Experience in development-related advisory services, inter-agency and international cooperation, negotiation of partnerships; mobilization of resources and management of programs are especially relevant.
  4. The candidate would have held leadership roles and demonstrated his/her ability to advocate for effective solutions.
  5. Ability to leverage information technology, executive information systems, management techniques and tools for optimal office performance.
  6. Well-developed people management skills.
  7. Effective capacity to survive program development and implementation, ensure timely results from field and CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat and implementing partners.
  8. Proven track record of excellent management, leadership and representation skill.
  9. Demonstrated negotiating, cultural sensitivity and diplomatic skills.
  10. Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skill.
Period of Performance
  1. The period of performance will be annual basis and commences on the Commencement Date.
  2. Competitive salary commensurate with qualification jobs.
Submission of Application
  1. Interested applicants are required to submit an application letter and updated CV to: with the subject line in this format "DED-CS".
  2. Submission dateline: 29 February 2016.

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