Yayasan Kota Kota Job Vacancy: Knowledge Management Officer - Solo - Kerja Ngo

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Yayasan Kota Kota Job Vacancy: Knowledge Management Officer - Solo

Office: Jl. Melon Raya 53 Karangasem Laweyan Solo 57120

Terms of Reference
Kota Kita Knowledge Management Officer

Duration: The contract is for six months, full-time, and can be renewed beyond the initial contract duration. 

Location: The position is based in Solo working from Kota Kita’s headquarters. 

Background Yayasan Kota Kita, or Our City Foundation, is an Indonesian non-profit organization that began in 2010, our goal is to help people make thoughtful and inclusive decisions about the development of their cities - by facilitating citizen participation and collective action. The slogan of Kota Kita is ‘A City for All’. Kota Kita has worked on projects covering a diverse range of urban issues, including climate change, water, sanitation, mobility, strategic planning, participatory budgeting and design, to hosting large-scale events such as the Urban Social Forum.

Collaborative partnerships in cities across Indonesia, as well as events such as the Urban Social Forum, have enlarged Kota Kita’s network reach. Kota Kita now has the capacity to circulate knowledge to a wide audience of fellow practitioners and development organizations to support increased access to new lessons and methodologies, good practices and emerging initiatives. Through programs such as the Urban Citizenship Academy Kota Kita is reaching further to new audiences of young activists, helping them access skills and knowledge to support their initiatives.

Kota Kita is now focusing on extending these practitioner and civil society networks, consolidating knowledge, and disseminating it to a large audience. Kota Kita will do
so by encouraging the formation of ‘Communities of Practice’ and by facilitating continued dialogue and exchange through ‘Community Catalysts’ who will moderate online discussion. Such an initiative seeks to raise awareness about urban issues, increase the skills and knowledge of civil society organizations and activists, and empower a generation of people by promoting democratic and participatory approaches to improve urban areas

The Knowledge Management Officer will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Support the development and management of a program called the Urban Community of Practice Network, which expands practitioners networks for
Office: Jl. Melon Raya 53 Karangasem Laweyan Solo 57120
  • Supervise a number of ‘community catalysts’, who will work together with the Knowledge Management Officer, to stimulate discussion and capture lessons through each of the Community of Practice discussions.
  • Consolidate monthly updates for each thematic area (for each CoP group)
  • Seek to enlarge the Communities of Practice by finding new organizations and individuals interested in joining.
  • Show leadership in consolidating Kota Kita’s project experiences and knowledge including through written reports, articles and short documentary films.
  • Regularly contributes to Kota Kita’s website, blog and publications, including the Kota Kita Bulletin and the Urban Future Now publication to share information about recent activities of network members.
  • Writing a bi-monthly report of publication quality that provides information
  • Is communicative with Kota Kita colleagues and provides clear updates about progress 
  • Supports the realization of Urban Social Forum meetings and the annual event.
Preferred Qualifications
  • An undergraduate degree, or higher, related to urban planning, urban studies or urban design. 
  • High standard of proficiency in English, especially written
  • Skilled in research about urban issues and advocacy
  • High-level capacity to write and having demonstrated previous writings (either articles, blogs, or other publications)
  • Some interest and skill in documentary filmmaking is a plus Interested applicants
Interested applicants are requested to submit a letter of interest and CV by February 28th 2016.

For further information please write to Rifai Ahmad: myrifai@gmail.com and John
Taylor: indojota@gmail.com.

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