MSI SIAP 1 Vacancy: Social Media Consultant – Promoting KPK Gratuities eLearning, Jakarta - Kerja Ngo

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MSI SIAP 1 Vacancy: Social Media Consultant – Promoting KPK Gratuities eLearning, Jakarta

Management systems international, inc
StrengtHening Integrity and accountability program 1 (SIAP 1)

Terms of Reference
Position: Social Media Consultant – Promoting KPK Gratuities eLearning
Duration of Contract: April – May 2016
Working Days: 27 days
In 2012, MSI SIAP 1 provided support for KPK’s Directorate of Gratuities to develop an e-Learning Gratuities Tool as part of corruption prevention and outreach effort that targeted for civil servants. Due to the lack of socialization for the targeted users, the number of civil servants that accesses the tool is below target. Therefore, in 2014 MSI SIAP 1 hired a consultant to assess the content, communication method, and effectiveness of the e-Learning Gratuities tool. As the result, the assessment showed that the Directorate need to completely use online approach to maximize the reach of existing tool, increase the capacity of its staffs in maintaining the tool and its reporting system, and improve the existing e-learning gratuities tool.

In 2015 the Gratuities e-Learning has been launched. As part of the strengthening the capacity of KPK in using social media as promotional tool, MSI seeks the expertise of a consultant to assist KPK to setup Social Media (especially Facebook and Twitter) as promotional tool for gratuities e-Leaning and its key messages as needed.

  • Bachelor (S1) degree in relevant field of work or related studies
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in Social Media,
  • Experienced in maintaining network with civil service organization and social media communities.
  • Ability to share knowledge and experiences about important aspects on social media implementation.
Please send applications indicating ‘Social Media Consultant' as the subject of your email addressed to not later than March 31, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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