Water.Org Job Vacancy: Professional Training Consultant for WASH and Microfinance - Jakarta - Kerja Ngo

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Water.Org Job Vacancy: Professional Training Consultant for WASH and Microfinance - Jakarta

Terms of Reference

Engagement: Provide ToT support to Microfin as it prepares to support water and sanitation financing programs at partnering BMTs across Indonesia

Water.org is a U.S.-based, non-governmental organization working to increase access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Through the Water Credit program, Water.org partners with financial institutions, especially microfinance institutions (MFIs), to develop loan products to finance construction of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities for low income households.  Since 2003, Water.org has implemented WaterCredit programs with 52 partner financial institutions in 12 countries, facilitating over 757,000 WASH loans totaling over US$156 million. Water.org has offices in five countries and works in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Water.org launched Water Credit in the Indonesia in 2014 and established partnerships with several microfinance institutions to launch WASH microfinance and increase access to WASH in the Indonesia.

One of its partners is Microfin, an association focused on developing Islamic Micro Finance Institutions (LKMS) and empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Established in 2004 in Jakarta, Microfin has worked with the Cooperative Department, Bank Muamalat, Organization Revolving Fund (LPDB) and other institutions to assist BMTs. 

About Water.org & Microfin WaterCredit Program
Microfin and Water.org are working to provide easy access to water and sanitation for 10,000 households in Indonesia through a WASH microfinancing program with BMTs.  In this program, Microfin will work with 75 BMT in Banten, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java and Yogyakarta.  Each BMT will distribute micro-financing for water and sanitation to 135 members/ clients. The Program started in December 2015 and now has identifies its first 20 BMT partners.

During this program, each Microfin regional staff member will assist 8-9 BMTs to develop 
and scale their water and sanitation lending programs. Their responsibilities will include training BMT staff on market research, conducting workshops on WASH financing products, training staff to deliver health education and promote WASH loan products, and monitoring BMTs achievements.

Each regional staff member will train a minimum of 2 staff representatives per BMT, so they will train 18 people each. Training sessions will use andragogy method, as this method proved to be effective for short-term training and adult participants.  The training materials cover Wash concepts, Microfinance for WASH, WaterCredit concepts, andragogy methods, and tips on public speaking. Water.org and Microfin is therefore seeking a consultant that will deliver ToT training for Microfin’s regional staff.

Water.org is seeking a local consultant (a firm or individual) to develop training materials, deliver ToT training to Microfin’s staff to familiarize them with WASH concepts, WaterCredit model, and assist them in delivery of this materials to BMTs. 

In collaboration with Water.org and Microfin staff, the consultant will:

  • Develop training modules, covering WASH, WASH Islamic Microfinance, WaterCredit, and public speaking topics 
  • Develop Training Guide for Microfin staff to use
  • Conduct ToT training session with Microfin staff
  • Develop training materials that will be used by Microfin staff to train BMTs (may differ slightly from #1 above) 
  • Assist in the development of a WaterCredit Handbook for BMTs (based on existing materials developed by Water.org) 
  • Monitor and assist in 7 training sessions that Microfin regional staff will deliver to BMTs 
  • Collect feedback from the BMT training sessions 
  • Present a summary training report that summarizes feedback collected and provide some recommendations for improvements
 ToT Training will be held during third week of April 2016 with the following participants:
  • Microfin Head office : 4 people 
  • Regional Office : 3 people 
  • Regional Staff : 9 people

Signing of Consultancy Contract
March 18, 2016
Meeting with Microfin team
March 22-23, 2016
Submission of the first draft of ToT training modules and Handbook for BMT Staff
April 1, 2016
Feedback from Water.org and Microfin
April 6, 2016
Submission of the Final draft of the ToT training Modules and Handbook for BMT Staff
April 22, 2016
ToT Training of Wash Microfin Staff
April 25- 29, 2016
Analyze feedback from training session, incorporate any necessary changes into the training materials
May 2-6,2016
Assist Microfin’s regional staff in delivering 7 regional trainings to BMT staff
May 9-27,2016
Submit Final Summary Training Report, summarizing what training sessions took place, consolidated feedback from regional staff and BMT participants, with recommendations for future improvement
June 3,2016


Consulting engagement will last for approximately 3 months, starting March 18 2016 – June 3, 2016.

Consultant Qualifications
Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:
  • Demonstrated experience and familiarity with the development and delivery of training modules, preferably for microfinance organizations 
  • Have experience in conducting WASH ToT sessions for at least 3 years 
  • Have experience in the WASH sector minimum of 5 years 
  • Education background at least Bachelor degree 
  • Demonstrate familiarity with Islamic Microfinance
A proposed budget shall be included with Consultant’s proposal submission, and the final budget approved shall be fixed and not subject to negotiation.  All taxes should be included in the budget.  All amounts shall be presented in USD.  A limited set of expenses of travel expenses maybe reimbursed. The payment terms shall be 3 times.

Submission of Proposals
Applicants should email their proposals and budget not later than March 16, 2015 to Ade Rachmawan, WaterCredit Officer, at arachmawan@water.orgKiki Amalia Tazkiyah, Water Credit Officer at ktazkiyah@water.org and Cc to positions_indonesia@water.org

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