Yayasan Kalla Job Vacancy: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara - Kerja Ngo

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Yayasan Kalla Job Vacancy: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara

Terms of Reference
Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Specialist
Yayasan Kalla and its consortium (Kalla Kakao Industry and Lembaga Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera/LEMS), in collaboration with MCA-Indonesia is implementing a 27 months project of sustainable Cocoa Development in South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia. We are currently looking for *Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist*, with the qualification detailed in below Terms of Reference.

EQSI, Economic, Quality and Sustainability Improvement from Community Centered Cocoa Fermentation Stations, Diversified Agro-Forestry and Agribusiness Systems and Social Development is a collaboration project between MCA-I, Kalla Foundation and Lembaga Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera (LEMS).

The project aims at a future of sustainable Cocoa farming, with agro-forestry based on economic development and poverty reduction for villages/sub-districts that are substantially dependent on Cocoa production. The scope is for reforesting degraded lands, improving agriculture, promoting agro-forestry and intercropping agribusiness on Cocoa farms, improving hydrologic conditions, and providing community
centered fermentation centers to raise quality and value of Cocoa produced. 

The project addresses technical and economic requirements, provides for environmental and spatial land use issues, provides learning, and considers potential risks and social and gender impacts and opportunities, will be implemented over 2.25 years, across three districts in 20 priority villages in Southeast Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

Our Sustainable Agriculture Project, set in selected Cocoa-growing landscapes of Sulawesi Island, aligns to and supports MCA-I’s Compact between USA and Indonesia. Green Prosperity (GP) the largest project of the Compact, seeks to address critical economic growth constraints while supporting the government of Indonesia’s commitment to a more sustainable, less carbon-intensive future. Assistance given will be enduring cooperation focused on sustainable economic, agro-forestry and agribusiness and social development, especially for communal efficiency and technical strengthening of post-harvest practices - particularly for Cocoa fermentation methods.

Job Title
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (MES)

Specific Characteristic
Sharp analytical and logical mind

Place of Work
Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara

Reports to

Project Director and Deputy PD


M&E functions of EQSI Project operation

Budget Responsibilities


The position offered will form part of the team for EQSI project on improvement of all component activities. This is a two years project starting from January 2016. The project is implemented by Yayasan Kalla in consortium with PT. KKI and LEM Sejahtera Sulawesi Tenggara with in Green Prosperity window 1 partnership model. The project area will be conducting in three districts; Konawe Selatan, Konawe and Kolaka Timur, Sulawesi Tenggara.


The *Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist* (M&E Specialist) will be providing support in monitoring and evaluating ongoing projects on EQSI Project in three districts as mentioned above. The incumbent will be responsible for overall M&E and learning needs of the project and will come up with findings based on real data to show performance of the projects.

The incumbent will also help Team Leaders (TLs) and Regional Coordinator (RCs) in strengthening its M&E functions based on her/his experiences from the project. M&E of the projects will be an assessment as well as support function hence the implementing partners (consortiums members/consultants/vendors) and EQSI teams will get support through M&E findings in enhancing flow of information and its management. The incumbent will play role in promoting of key learnings for the improvement of the project and for wider learning of the organisation.

  • To supervise regular data collection through implementing partners and ensure quality of the data by random verifications and validations
  • To record, manage and preserve monitoring and evaluation data in a safe and accessible way
  • To analyse and discuss findings based on regular monitoring data
  • Provide technical support on M&E and evidence-based recommendations to the relevant Team Leaders and Partners.
  • Ensure that implementation of field activities adheres to EQSI and MCA Indonesia monitoring and evaluation system
  • Support TLs/RCs in conducting baseline surveys
  • Participate actively in project planning process and project quality and Support TLs/RCs/FFs team in developing the Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual project reports.
  • Contribute to supervise all learning materials as well as publication materials before approved by PD/DPD
  • Support EQSI team in dealing with any other tasks as may be required

  • Develop project monitoring plan (PMP) and Work frame activity of the projects in line with project LFA and consulting with project team and partners
  • Coordinate with Implementing Partners (IPs) for collecting data against agreed indicators
  • Engage with TL/RCs to collect and manage essential data of their respective projects
  • Ensure quality of data collected by team and documentation team
  • Provide feedback to EQSI team on projects’ performance based on monitoring data findings
  • Assist TLs/RCs in building capacity of FFs on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E)
  • Assist Project Director (PD)/Deputy Project Director (DPD) in designing, coordinating and conducting project evaluations (monthly, quarterly, annually and end-line)
  • Assist TLs/RCs in designing and conducting Activity Implementation Monitoring Survey.
  • Assist PD/DPD/TLs in conducting Project Data Review
  • Support Teams in designing and disseminating research studies by providing relevant input
Reporting and Documentation
  • Assist PD/DPD/TLs in developing quarterly, six-month and annual reports
  • Develop and share field visit reports with relevant EQSI staff
  • Upload key reports to The Source (Website), approved by PD/DPD
  • Assist PD/DPD/SAF during multi-year plan and budget (MPB) process to develop a good quality MPB for the Yayasan Kalla and MCA Indonesia
  • Assist Manager PD/DPD/TLs in reviewing project plans during MPB process
  • Ensure quality of data/ statistics in project plans
  • Upload relevant MPB documents on EQSI data base
Learning and Sharing
  • Share learning from M&E process with the wider team
  • Support partners in improving learning and sharing mechanisms in their projects
  • Promote culture of two way learning in the organisation
Contribution to Effectiveness of the Programme and WAP
  • Work collaboratively with different programmes for strengthening integration and cross-learning in programmes 
  • Proactively volunteer for various team activities
  • Show an eagerness to take on any other tasks assigned by the line manager
  • Essential 
  • Desirable
  • Professional Qualification
    • Masters’ degree in any social or natural science discipline
    • Knowledge and understanding of project monitoring and evaluation 
    • Understanding of the current M&E trends and especially M&E systems in development organisations 
    • Knowledge of Cocoa trend/agribusiness/agricultures issues, challenges and opportunities 
    • Knowledge of SPSS software 
    • Knowledge of participatory research methods, participation action and learning
    • Knowledge of contextual diversity of various areas including Southeast Sulawesi.
  • Experience 
    • Minimum 3 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation with at least 02 years with some international organisation 
    • Experience in monitoring and evaluating development project
    • Experience of field data collection
    • Experience of report writing
    • Experience of conducting research
    • Experience of organising lesson-learning sessions
  • Skills 
    • Monitoring and evaluation techniques and processes 
    • Data collection and management 
    • Analytical and research skills
    • Good command over report writing in English
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Excellent computer knowledge with command on MS Excel among other packages of MS Office
    • Handling data through SPSS
    • Communication skills for presenting monitoring findings
    • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia in addition to English languages will be an added advantage
  • Others
    • Time management and ability to prioritise multiple tasks
    • Self-motivated person able to work without close supervision
    • Able to work effectively in a diverse team environment
    • Travelling to far flung areas independently for M&E
    • Able to effectively promote Yayasan Kalla and EQSI Project mission values, and objectives
    • Understanding of Kalla value system
    • Understanding of Yayasan Kalla work particularly in its villages areas 
    • Willing to work additional hours at crucial times
Please submit your application letter not more than 30 April, 2016 to our recruitment dept via Mr Hakim Haslia at - hakim.haslia@hkalla.co.id with cc to yatiesaloh@gmail.com.

Please indicate position name at the email subject.

Best regards,
Yatie Saloh
for EQSI Project
Yayasan Kalla - MCA-I

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