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LP3M Job Vacancy: Project Coordinator - Makassar, South Sulawesi Province

Increasing Wealth and Food Security through the Integrated Co-operative Business Model (INVEST Co-op) Indonesia
Assignment location: Makassar, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Contract: Full time 40 months (June 2016 –September 2019), 6 months probation

Language requirement: English (verbal and written)
Travel requirement:
  • Regular visits to project sites (in Takalar, Jeneponto, Bantaeng, and North Luwu) 
  • 1 time (or twice) travel to Canada throughout project duration
The Lembaga Penelitian Pantai Pedesaan dan Masyarakat (LP3M)is seeking an experienced and energetic Project Coordinator with practical experience in project management and community empowerment. The successful candidate will be part of a project management team implementing the Invest Co-op Indonesia project in four locations in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

The project is an integral part of the Invest Co-op program implemented in four countries by the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) with the support from the Global Affairs Canada. For Indonesia, CCA will partner with LP3M and the Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of the Memorial University of Newfoundland for technical supports.

The Invest Co-op program seeks to improve the economic well being of 140,000 small producers in Malawi, Peru, Mongolia and Indonesia.  In Indonesia,the project will strengthen the position of small aquaculture producers of seaweed, milkfish and shrimp (SMS) in four regencies in the south and east coasts of South Sulawesi (Takalar, Jeneponto, Bantaeng, and North Luwu) by establishing integrated co-operative models that farmers will own and manage. The integrated co-operative model encourages sustainability by reducing uncertainty and risk. Farmers get access to credit - not just at planting, but also at harvest - which allows them to postpone sales, thereby getting a higher average price. Financial co-ops secure their loans against the farmers’ output in storage through the warehouse receipt system. By this approach, beneficiaries will have a stronger interest in achieving and sustaining the outcomes beyond the life of the project.

Reporting to the LP3M Project Team Leader and CCA Program Manager, the Project Coordinator is responsible for providing support to a range of field activities, project management, administration and finances, reports, stakeholder engagement and communication, and monitoring of results according to project workplan, budget in line with CCA’s policies and procedures. 

Canadian Co-operative Association:
The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is a not-for-profit co-operative which establishes and strengthens co-operatives, credit unions and community-based organizations to reduce poverty, build sustainable livelihoods and improve civil society in less developed countries.  CCA proudly delivers programs for the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) and other organizations which help poor communities fight poverty and create more secure lives through community-owned co-ops.

Project Partners:
  • LP3M, a non-governmental organisation established on 16 October 1986, operates in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The organization has a vision to reduce inequality and the development gap of poor, marginalised communities and to establish good governance of civil society. LP3M has been providing advocacy to the Governors of South Sulawesi for the past decade in terms of policies in strengthening institutional capacity and local economic development. LP3M was CCA’s implementation partner for the previous project to increase the income of passion fruit farmers through co-operatives. In addition, LP3M has implemented 31 Government of Indonesia’s projects, supported by the IFC, CARE International, World Wildlife Fund, World Bank, UNICEF, ILO, JICA, as well as several Canadian government-funded projects (i.e. Canada-Indonesia Private Sector Enterprise Project and others through Canada Fund). 
  • The Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland (also known as the Marine Institute) is North America’s most comprehensive institute with mandates to education, training, applied research, technology transfer, and industrial support in aquatic and oceans industries. MI’s complex of facilities house several of the world’s most advanced centres in ocean and aquatic technology and applied research. The Institute has strength and technical experience in a broad range of areas, among others: Fisheries management and sustainable aquaculture; Climate change and coastal community sustainability; and Agri-seafood processing/post-harvest technology/food safety. MI’s technical expertise is enhanced by extensive education sector experience: Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET); Integrated education systems; Competency Based Education and Training; Community Based Education and Delivery (CBED) and Distance education/ICTs. Over the last 25 years, the Marine Institute has been involved in more than 250 funded international projects, contract training and consultancies in over 50 countries (valued in excess of $4 million dollars), including Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.  These initiatives drawn the Institute’s 400+ professionals and provided support to stakeholders at the community, institutional and policy levels.
Job Descriptions:
Project Management
  • Report to LP3M Project Team Leader& CCA Program Manager
  • Support the Project Team Leader in the implementation of project activities according to the Workplan
  • Review monthly financial reports of project expenditure according to the budget, in compliance with CCA rules and regulations, andthe Global Affairs of Canada, and obtain approval from Team Leader and CCA Program Manager
  • Consult LP3M Team Leader, CCA Program Manager, and MI Project Manager if significant changes required for successful implementation of the project, taking into consideration project duration and budget
  • Prepare and finalise Project Progress Reports (in English) in timely manner with good qualityand approval by Team Leader, and submit to CCA Program Manager
  • Liaise with Training Coordinator to ensure quality translation of training materials and quantity for distribution
  • Prepare and/or provide inputs in the development of Terms of References for local consultants for project-related activities as required
  • Support and coordinate the Canadian technical assistance (MI experts and Canadian Volunteers) during preparation and in-country missions, including liaise with Training Coordinator in ensuring logistics arrangement (visa, accommodation and travel) in Makassar and project locations
  • Monitor risks and execute mitigation strategies to ensure project success, in consultation with LP3M Team Leader, CCA Program Manager, and MI Project Manager
  • Support and provide the required assistance to Field Coordinators for any implementation challenges
Activity Monitoring
  • Establish weekly communication and reporting with project staff on the locations, including documenting weekly achievements, issues, troubleshooting, and lessons learned in each location. This will help contribute to prepare Project Progress Report and ensure knowledge are properly recorded and reported (no information is lost from the field)
  • Report monthly progress to CCA Program Manager
  • Collect monitoring data and tracking of Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) indicators on regular basis, in coordination with project field staff
  • Ensure proper flow of communication to and from Project Management Team
  • As focal point of the project for central, provincial and regency governments, including identify potential synergy with government programs
  • Consult and obtain CCA Program Manager’s approval on any media publication prior release to public, ensure compliance with CCA communication protocol and the Global Affairs Canada rules
Event Management and Organisation
  • Ensure successful organisation of Project Launch
  • Ensure successful organisation of Project Advisory Committee meetings
  • Ensure successful organisation of  project-related events (training, workshops, field trips)
  • Prepare and finalise reports from Project Launch, PAC meetings, and other stakeholders coordination meetings
Document Filing
  • Establish good filing system (electronic and hardcopy), easy to retrieve, and back up of all project documents and/or other documents created and/or provided to the project
  • Establish standard file naming system for consistency and ease of retrieval
  • Support and supervise Training Coordinator in maintaining project database and website.
  • At least five (5) years project management experience, preferably international donor-funded projects
  • Have five (5) years experience in community empowerment is a strong asset
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree. Post-graduate degree is preferable.
  • Good verbal communication in English is a must.
  • Capable to write report and analysis in English with clarity.
  • Demonstrate ability in courteous communication (in English, Bahasa, and local languages) with Partners, stakeholders, and communities.
  • Demonstrate good attention to details with regard to analysis and tracking project expenditures
  • Experience with project database is an asset.
  • Proven track record in team building and establish good communication and team work, including mentoring and coaching.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage complex and competing priorities, able to meet deadlines
  • Experience in organising training events, and/or project steering meetings
  • Willingness and ability to travel to project locations for a certain period of time
  • Demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, and professionalism.
  • Provide 3 Letter of References from previous (most recent) employers.
Recruitment process:

Please submit in PDF format:
  • Your concise cover letter(max 2 pages) explaining how your qualifications can meet the required tasks;
  • Your most recent CV: please include experiences that are relevant to meet the job descriptions and qualifications
  • Minimum two references from the relevant previous employers
  • 1 page most recent writing sample in English.
And send by email to: info.lp3m@gmail.com, with the following subject line: “Invest Co-op Indonesia KUAT: Project Coordinator – [your last name]”.

Application should be received no later than May 15th, 2016 at midnight local time (Makassar – GMT +8).

LP3M encourages both men and women to apply.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
We thank you for your interest.

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