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Plan International Indonesia Job Vacancy: Consultant YEE Project #1

Plan International Indonesia
Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE) Project
Strong CSOs for inclusive livestock value chain development (SCILD) project

Term of Reference

Baseline Study and Livestock Policy Review

Plan is an international humanitarian, child-centered community development organization without religious, political or governmental affiliation.  Plan’s vision is a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies that respect people’s rights and dignity.

Plan International Indonesia proposes a three half year, Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE) Strong CSOs for inclusive livestock value chain development in NTT (SCILD) project in 5 districts of NTT province (Kupang, TTU, TTS, Malaka and Belu), Indonesia.

The methodology of implementation of this project through; (1) Partnership/support of CSOs through small grants; to strengthen capacities of local CSOs, (2) Focus on young women and marginalised youth (youth employability); (3) Value chain development methodology (4) Livestock Laws, policies and implementation practices, (5) Public-Private Partnership (including BBPP and P4S): and (6) Child Centred Community Development (CCCD):

At the beginning of YEE SCILD Project, Plan Indonesia need to conduct a gender sensitive baseline study and review on national, provincial and district policies and regulations related to livestock. The second study is reviewing government policies, which the result will be used for advocacy purposes.
Objectives and expected output of baseline study and research
To conduct baseline study for SCILD project and review on livestock policies at national-provincial and district levels, focusing on the 5 target districts (Kupang, TTU, TTS, Malaka and Belu). The overall goal is to collect information on the current situation related to the project’s key indicators.
  • Gender-sensitive baseline on the current situation
  • Report on gender sensitive policy review on livestock policies and regulation at national up to district level that cover overall livestock processes, from (but not limited to) marketing, trading, breeding, provision of health services for animal husbandry and how policies have been implemented.
  1. The survey will apply combined qualitative and quantitative approach through secondary and primary data collection. Gender-sensitive approach is compulsary in all stage of the studies.
  2. Survey Team
    The consultant team should represent expertise in the areas of  livestock sector, gender, research, and government laws and policies. The team should establish strong  coordination and communication with Plan Indonesia. The consultant have to follow Plan International’s survey standard and Child Protection Policy.
  3. Deliverables 
    • Study design, framework, and detailed work plan on how the study  will be carried out 
    • Data collection tools as per target groups 
    • Draft report with preliminary findings (narrative and ppt version) 
    • Short version of bilingual final report no more than 20 pages, excluding annexes 
    • Long version of bilingual report covers more detail findings and analysis 
    • Presentation on finding and recommendations in dissemination workshop 
    • Produce material (such as infographic) that will be used  for advocacy purposes 
    • Report on gender-sensitive policy review at national-provincial-district levels on livestock
Survey Planning
The study will be accomplished in 3 months, June – August 2016.
  1. Costs
    Applicant to propose the budget for the study implementation in the proposal submitted
  2. Child Protection Statement
    The consultant team and Plan staff have to adhere to Plan Child Protection Policy and training on this will be part of the training provided for the survey team.
  3. Qualification of Consultant
    The survey has to be led by a high qualified  research consultant with strong capacity in conducting gender sensitive study. A panel will be responsible for the selection process.
  4. Submission Protocol
    First step: Consultant send application to: Ajun Khamdani (HRD – Plan Indonesia / or : not later than 30 May  2016.
    Only shortlisted consultant will be contacted for recruitment.

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