The Palladium Group Job Vacancy: RCA Research Associate - Jakarta, Indonesian - Kerja Ngo

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The Palladium Group Job Vacancy: RCA Research Associate - Jakarta, Indonesian

Research Member


Reality Check Approach Plus (RCA+) is a project by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) which started in 2014. It is intended to build the capacity of Indonesian researchers to design, undertake and communicate high quality RCA studies. It builds on the use of these approaches in Bangladesh, Nepal, Mozambique, Ghana and an earlier RCA study funded by DFAT for the Basic Education Program in Indonesia (2009-2010). The long term objective is to support researchers and research institutions to undertake RCA independently, integrate RCA in mixed method approaches and find ways to ensure findings are included in policy dialogue and deliberations. It will experiment with other complementary methods to enrich the basic RCA process and will link with international experiences of applying RCA in other contexts for mutual learning. The project undertakes commissioned RCA studies thus providing an opportunity for researchers to ‘learn by doing’. 

RCA is a qualitative approach to feedback and evaluation which involves outsiders living with people living in poverty in their own homes and joining in their everyday lives, usually but not always involving repeat visits over several years. The relaxed environment this provides enables easy informal conversation with all members of the family, their neighbors and others who interact with the household, especially front line service providers. It enables the outsider to experience and observe for themselves and provides a meaningful basis for joint reflection on experience of services and change over time with the family.  The approach benefits from inherent opportunities for triangulation and depth of information shared.  It helps to shed light on disconnects between knowledge, attitudes and practice which conventional evaluation is often unable to do.  A key intention is to understand better whether and how policies intended for people living in poverty translate into effective change on the ground or not, and how the efforts and changes are perceived. It is also expected that the voices of people living in poverty feed into policy dialogue so that future policy and practice is better geared to real needs and context.

Purpose of Role
The Research Member receive a unique opportunity to learn the RCA approach by being involved in a real study. They will be mentored and supported throughout the entire process which is in line with RCA+’s mandate to provide capacity building initiatives for Indonesian researchers. Contracts are only provided those who satisfactorily complete the mandatory level 1 training.

The Research Member will be engaged through a Consultant Agreement to work for up to 100 days for the duration of the contract. The expected period of assignment will be June 2016 – May 2017.

Minimum education and experience required
  • Preferably at least a bachelor’s degree in a development related subject e.g. sociology, development studies, development communication, political science, public policy etc. 
  • Proven experience of social media tools, digital media for organizational communication.
  • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and good spoken and written English skills are required.
  • Good appreciation of qualitative research methods and practice.
Other Qualities and Experience:
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a multi-cultural team
  • Good interpersonal skills, a ‘people person’
  • Willingness to work long and flexible hours during the research
  • Willingness to stay in remote and/or challenging locations with minimum facilities during research
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and energy 
  • Willingness to learn new skills and reflect on biases
  • Availability for short term assignments (2-3 weeks) on a regular basis at short notice. 
  • Able to join 6 days RCA Level 1 Training scheduled on 7-12 of June
Interested? Please submit your CV at
Applications close on 20th of May 2016. Only successful applicants will be contacted.
This position is only open to Indonesian nationals.

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