Yayasan Kalla Mencari Kandidat Tenaga Logistic & Procurement Associate - Kendari - Kerja Ngo

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Yayasan Kalla Mencari Kandidat Tenaga Logistic & Procurement Associate - Kendari

Logistic & Procurement Associate
EQSI Project

Project & Organization Background
EQSI, Economic, Quality and Sustainability Improvement from Community Centered Cocoa Fermentation Stations, Diversified Agro-Forestry and Agribusiness Systems and Social Development is a collaboration project between MCA-I, Kalla Foundation and its consortium: Kalla Kakao Industry and Lembaga Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera (LEMS).

The project aims at a future of sustainable Cocoa farming, with agro-forestry based on economic development and poverty reduction for villages/sub-districts that are substantially dependent on Cocoa production. The scope is for reforesting degraded lands, improving agriculture, promoting agro-forestry and intercropping agribusiness on Cocoa farms, improving hydrologic conditions, and providing community centered fermentation centers to raise quality and value of Cocoa produced.

The project addresses technical and economic requirements, provides for environmental and spatial land use issues, provides learning, and considers potential risks and social and gender impacts and opportunities, will be implemented over 2.25 years, across three districts in 20 priority villages in Southeast Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

Our Sustainable Agriculture Project, set in selected Cocoa-growing landscapes of Sulawesi Island, aligns to and supports MCA-I’s Compact between USA and Indonesia. Green Prosperity (GP) the largest project of the Compact, seeks to address critical economic growth constraints while supporting the government of Indonesia’s commitment to a more sustainable, less carbon-intensive future.  Assistance given will be enduring cooperation focused on sustainable economic, agro-forestry and agribusiness and social development, especially for communal efficiency and technical strengthening of post-harvest practices - particularly for Cocoa fermentation methods.

Information about the organization:
Kalla Foundation was established on April 24, 1984.  It works with the vision to improve education and welfare of the poor, and protect the environment for sustainability and integrity of ecosystem.

EQSI Project is currently looking for qualfied Procurement specialist, working on fixed term consultancy basis to support our anticipated large scale procurement in the next quarters.  Based in Kendari, South-east Sulawesi province of Indonesia.

Position Description:
  • Develop procurement and logistic strategy and plan to support the procurement and logistic need of EQSI.
  • Contact and liase with potential vendors for regular and long term procurement of EQSI
  • Prepare ToR, contracts and any necessary administrative requirements for each procurement
  • Evaluate and adjust as needed procurement plan for for implementation with procurement plan submitted to the donors.
  • Manage documentation and reporting of goods and services provision of EQSI project.
  • Evaluate warehouse and venue of goods and services for any procurement will be implemented to ensure efficient and effective delivery, and mitigate potential risk that might arouse.
  • Liase with internal as well as external to ensure efficient and effective procurement implementation.
 Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Manage procurement of services and goods for EQSI based on the project’s impelementation plan. 
  • As EQSI point person for any goods or services provision. 
  • Liase with relevant Internal parties, vendors and any external parties pertaining to the need of goods and services’ provision for the project.
  • Manage, update and disseminate vendor database, to ensure the most efficient and effective procurement occur.
  • Other relevant function(s) to succed the provision of goods and services for the project in the most efficient manner.
 Expected Output/outcome:
  • Efficient and effective procurement implementation for EQSI project
  • Procurement compliance with MCA-Indonesia and Yayasan Kalla’s procurement procedure and guideline
  • Valid administration back up is available according to the procurement policy of donor for each procurement.
  • Smooth impelemantation of procurement and logistic management at the whole project needs of EQSI.
Essential qualification
  • Bachelor degree in management, accountant or any related field.
  • Experience handling large amount of procurement goods and services in donor funded project(s) minimum 7 (seven) years
  • Able to develop a long term strategic procurement plan for various needs of purchase according to the project’s needs and time schedule.
  • Well organized, attention to detail, with strong leadership and communications skill.
  • Willing to work or relocate to Kendari, the field office of the project
  • Willing to travel to the project sites in remote areas of South-east Sulawesi.
Skill and Knowledge
  • Able to develop and approach vendors for specific need of procurement, with various procurement method (rent or buy).
  • Able to conduct procurement in  large amount with short notice and tight schedule.
  • Proficiency in using computer program, most especially excell.
  • Have a good logictic management skill
  • Speak and write English well.
  • Strong administrative skill.
  • Flexible and willing to work beyond regular office hours.
Application Detail
Please apply by email, including cover letter and CV only (do not attach any certificates or other documents) to infoeqsiproject@gmail.com not later than May 31, 2016. Please Put “Logistic and Procurement Associate for EQSI Project” at the e-mail subject.  Put your salary history in the CV.  Kindly note, anticipating the large number of applicants, we only give response to the applicants that are considered in the short listed list.   You may cc your email to yatiesaloh@gmail.com.  

EQSI applies gender equality policy.  Qualified women are encouraged to apply.

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