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PACT World Job Vacancy: Lead Researcher, Health Systems Stakeholder Analysis, Jakarta

Title: Lead Researcher, Health Systems Stakeholder Analysis, Jakarta
Location: Indonesia
Department Name: Program Delivery

Pact Overview
At the heart of Pact is the promise of a better tomorrow.  The promise of a healthy life.  Of a decent livelihood. Of sustainable natural resources that benefit communities.  Now more than ever in its 42-year history, Pact is helping millions of people who are poor and marginalized discover and build their own solutions and take ownership over their future.

Pact enables systemic solutions that allow those who are poor and marginalized to earn a dignified living, be healthy, and take part in the benefits that nature provides. Pact accomplishes this by strengthening local capacity, forging effective governance systems, and transforming markets into a force for development.

Project Overview
The Linkages Across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV – or “LINKAGES” – aims to accelerate the ability of partner governments, key population civil society organizations and the private sector to more effectively plan, deliver and optimize comprehensive, scaled HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment services that reduce HIV transmission among key populations and their sexual partners and improve the quality of life for those who are HIV positive.

LINKAGES Indonesia prioritizes programming that aligns with PEPFAR 3.0’s five key agendas – impact, efficiency, sustainability, partnership and human rights – to achieve global 90-90-90 goals and an AIDS-free generation. The project contributes directly to the targets identified in the National AIDS Commission’s new National Strategy and Action Plan (SRAN), 2015-2019. It also taps into and amplifies local capacity for long-term sustainability and country ownership of key population programming. LINKAGES engages a diverse array of experienced organizations and special experts already working with key populations in Indonesia.

Position Purpose

Health Systems Stakeholder Analysis

The study will provide LINKAGES with an evidence base that will position the project to make politically smart investments in key actors and institutions that will help service providers in Jakarta to 90-90-90, and maintain Papua’s epidemic control. Utilizing a political economy methodology, the study will examine the decision-making process and influences in the HIV/AIDS sector to better understand the political and economic dynamics that impact HIV/AIDS financing, decision-making, and service delivery regarding key populations in Jakarta and Papua. This study will take a “local systems approach” to review the viability of providing TA at the district level to provide the full continuum of services to key populations.

Key Questions 
  • If district is the correct level of government for sustaining these services, what are the mechanisms to make this functional?
  • Are NGOs and CSOs effective service provision mechanisms, and if so, are they positioned to support government to provide services to key populations?
The research will examine key Government/NGO/CSOs and private sector actors and institutions involved in advocacy and service delivery to key populations to achieve both short and long term epidemic control for key populations in Jakarta and Papua.


The team will collect information through:
  • Report and academic literature review and analysis of second data and data sources
  • Development of Stakeholder Consultation tool
  • Data collected through primary field research
  • Stakeholder interviews/consultations (if necessary) focus group discussions
  • Stakeholder mapping and network analysis
Key Responsibilities

  • Inception report outlining key individuals and institutions, schedule, and literature review
  • Draft Health Systems Stakeholder Analysis report conducted in Jakarta and Papua providing a baseline assessment and recommendations for incentivizing local power holders to continue increasing the availability and demand for comprehensive prevention, care, and treatment services.
  • Debriefing with Indonesia Country Representative, LINKAGES staff, and USAID
Final Report

Basic Requirements

  • 10 plus years’ professional experience working on HIV/AIDS issues, especially with Key Populations in Indonesia, preferably in Jakarta and Papua
  • Professional-level fluency in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Experience leading social science research teams
  • Familiarity with political economy analysis for development programs
  • Network of contacts to key decision makers on HIV/AIDS policy
  • MA or PhD in social sciences, preferably in anthropology, political science, economics or sociology
  • Public health background with specialization in HIV/AIDS a plus
Please note: All Applications need to be submitted by July 15, 2016

Prospective candidates who would like to inquire further can contact

To apply for this position, please click link: HERE

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