KOICA Indonesia Job Consultant for KOICA's Project Field Politeknik Kampar - Riau - Kerja Ngo

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KOICA Indonesia Job Consultant for KOICA's Project Field Politeknik Kampar - Riau

Revision: KOICA Indonesia is looking for Local Consultant for Field Checking on the Outcome of one of KOICA’s Project:

“The Treatment of Wastes from Oil Palm Industry and Production of Bioenergy and Biofertilizer” 2010~2013
KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) is looking for local consultant/local expert to do consultation related to waste from palm oil, waste water disposal, fertilizer production and biodiesel facility management.

Selection Criteria:
Project field: Politeknik Kampar, Kabupaten Kampar, Riau
Field Checking Period: September 2016
CV Submission Period: 22nd August-26th August 2016
Interview Period: 30-31 August 2016
Interested candidate should submit an application letter, updated CV, and list of references (all documents must be in English) by mail to recruitment.koicaindonesia@gmail.com 

  • Professional Degree: At least a Master Degree in the relevant topic and Certificate/License, Appropriateness for the dispatch area, Experience (At least 5 years’ experience in domestic and Overseas).
  • A proven track record of conducting similar project area.
  • Strong writing skills in English, Language Proficiency (English and Local Language), etc.
  • Strong Personality: Dedicated, honest, motivated and loyal.
  • Health: Physically and Mentally Fit to do the field checking, Well Work Coordination, etc. 
  • Other requirements: Extend knowledge and experienced of ODA Project is welcome but not essential, proficient of Microsoft Office (MS.Word, Power Point, Excel).
Main Responsibilities:
  • Conduct facilities and Equipment Checking: Waste Water Treatment, Fertilizer Production, Checking the overall additional repair and maintenance item related with the Biodiesel facility.
* Expect to check the work process including comparing the completion drawing (comparing between the blueprint and the existing equipment).
  • Conduct Technical Consultation on O&M: Check the current status, Consulting POME (waste water treatment, methane gas collection, etc.) technology, Suggestion of efficient profit creating model related with Purchasing and processing of EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch/raw material for palm oil), etc.

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