Clinton Foundation Job Vacancy: Coconut Sugar Processing - Jakarta, Indonesian - Kerja Ngo

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Clinton Foundation Job Vacancy: Coconut Sugar Processing - Jakarta, Indonesian

Expert Consultant: Coconut Sugar Processing

Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership / Acceso Indonesia

Reporting/Supervisor: Enterprise Development Manager / Director, Supply Chain Enterprise Development

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia with some travel required

Contract: Short-term consultancy

Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership & Acceso Indonesia Background:

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP), an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, is pioneering an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. We create social enterprises by addressing existing market gaps in developing countries’ distribution or supply chains. Our enterprises provide underserved communities with sustainable access to markets, livelihoods, finance, training, and technology by incorporating individuals into one of two market-driven models – Farmer Services & Aggregation businesses and Inclusive Distribution businesses.

CGEP’s “Acceso” farmer services & aggregation businesses set up depots, collection centers and buying points around clusters of smallholder farmers and provide them with targeted fertilizer, seeds, and other inputs and technology at scale-leveraged cost to increase productivity. Acceso businesses contract with farmers to purchase their entire harvest, with inputs costs deducted from the total production value. Acceso businesses aggregate production from thousands of smallholder farmers into quality-controlled, reliable supply chains for large buyers under contract.

We manage a portfolio of enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean, and are quickly expanding into Africa and Asia. In Indonesia, a pilot is underway for a farmer services & aggregation enterprise, Acceso Indonesia, which will significantly improve the country’s coconut sugar value chain.

Consultancy Description
CGEP is seeking an Expert Consultant (“consultant”) to identify, analyze and propose multiple processing designs to cook coconut and palm sap into sugar. The consultant will review existing solutions, including investment costs, operations costs, and cooking and operations efficiency, developed for small to medium scale sugar processing as well as technology that could be transferred from other processing solutions. The consultant will propose a minimum of three solutions to respond to three distinct processing needs: household kitchens for smallholder farmers, multi-unit communal kitchens and semi-industrial processing for community plantations. If CGEP is satisfied with the consultant’s performance of this contract, further contracts to select and deploy the selected solutions are possible. To apply for this short-term consultancy, please submit CV and summary of relevant past experience. CGEP will provide qualified candidates additional information so that a detailed cost proposal can be developed.

Required Education, Work Experience & Languages
  • A Bachelor’s degree or major course work in agriculture, finance or economics, or a related field 
  • Three (3) years minimum experience in agribusiness in Indonesia or other developing economies;
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit and business sense;
To apply, please send CV and summary of relevant past experience to with the subject line “Processing Expert”. 

Closing Date: 02 November 2016

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