Yayasan Kasih Suwitno Job Vacancy: Administrator & Data Entry Assistant - Yogyakarta - Kerja Ngo

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Yayasan Kasih Suwitno Job Vacancy: Administrator & Data Entry Assistant - Yogyakarta

Yayasan Kasih Suwitno (YKS) will work with the Ministry of Health to strengthen HIV and STI services for high risk groups in 38 Districts across Indonesia supported by Global Fund for AIDS TB and Malaria (GFATM). Currently Yayasan Kasih Suwitno is looking for:

Administrator and Data entry Assistant (ADEA)

Under the supervision of the Program officer - the Administrator and Data entry Assistant (ADEA) will be assisting the selected clinic sites in Financial, administrative, procurement and Data Entry.

Summary of responsibilities

  • Prepare the monthly Financial report based on the YKS format to the YKS office
    • Menyiapkan laporang keuangan bulanan sesuai dengan format YKS ke kantor pusat YKS.
  • Completing the monthly financial report with the original evidence (receipt, bill and other supporting documents)
    • Melengkapi laporan keuangan bulanan dengan tanda bukti asli: kwitansi, tanda terima dan dokumen pendukung lainnya
  • Distirbuting the remuneration to the Puskesmas staff based on the decree 
    • Melakukan pendistribusian pembayaran untuk Staf puskesmas sesuai dengan SK
  • Submit the monthly financial report in soft and hard copy to the YKS office, Jakarta on timely basis
    • Mengirimkan laporan keuangan bulanan dalam bentuk soft copy dan hard copy ke kantor pusat YKS, di Jakarta secara tepat waktu
  • Ensure the monthly financial report is completed and proper based on the Financial SOP of YKS
    • Meyakinkan laporan keuangan bulanan telah lengkap sesuai dengan peraturan keuangan YKS

  • Under coordinationg with the head office of YKS, executing the procurement of Non-Asset or stuff based on the approved list and follows to the procurement guidelines of YKS
    • Di bawah koordinasi/petunjuk dari kantor pusat YKS, melakukan pembelian Non-Aset atau barang-barang yang telah disetujui dalam daftar dan melakukannya sesuai dengan peraturan Procurement YKS
  • Prepare the monthly report of inventory/asset procured under Globad Fund
    • Menyiapkan laporan bulanan aset/barang yang dibeli dari dana Global Fund
  • Reporting the broken, lost asset and Non Asset using the formatted form and follows the report procedure of YKS
    • Melaporakan adanya kerusakan, kehilangan aset dan Non-aset dengan menggunakan formulir yang sudah disediakan dan sesuai dengan prosedur pelaporan YKS

Administrasi dan Data Entry/Administrative & Data Entry
  • Monitor and collect the time sheet of Puskesmas Staff based of the decree
    • Memonitor dan mengumpulkan time sheet staff Puskesma sesuai dengan SK
  • Assist in drafting the invitation of monthly meeting as well as distributing the invitation
    • Membantu menyiapkan draft undangan pertemuan bulanan  dan mendistribusikan
  • Assist in preparing the logistic for the monthly meeting
    • Membantu dalam mempersiapkan pertemuan bulanan
  • Prepare MoM of monthly meeting and reported along with the monthly financial report
    • Melakukan Notulensi untuk pertemuan bulanan dan melaporakan bersamaan dengan Laporan keuangan bulanan
  • Prepare the attendance list of monthly meeting and enclosed on the monthly financial report
    • Menyiapkan daftar hadir peserta pertemuan bulanan dan melampirakan dalam laporan keuangan bulanan
  • Documented the activity of Puskesmas (Strengthen MSM friendly service sites/clinics and mobile testing)
    • Mendokumentasikan kegiatan (Penguatan Layanan Ramah LSL di puskesmas dan Mobile testing)
  • Cooperating with RR (Report and Register) officer in entering data
    • Bekerjasama dengan petugas RR (Pencatatan dan Pelaporan) puskesmas dalam hal data entri

Job Requirements
Education, knowledge and experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields is required. 
  • Fresh Graduate
  • Must have excellent communication skills, verbal and written and understanding English language

Personal attributes and competencies
  • Honest and trusted person (Jujur dan dapat dipercaya)
  • The candidate is expected to work remotely using his/her own computer, but may access the Puskesmas office printing or relevant documents or should he/she be required to work on-site at any point during the assignment.
    • Kandidat diharapkan bias bekerja secara jarak jauh dengan menggunakan computer pribadi, tetapi dapat mengakses printer Puskesmas untuk document yang dibutuhkan atau Kandidat juga diminta untuk bekerja di lapangan sesuai permintaan/penempatan

Terms and conditions
The duty station will be at Partner office in Malang-1 post, Surabaya-1 post,  Semarang-1 post, Solo-1 post, Yogyakarta-1 post;  Kota Bandung-1 post, Kota Bekasi-1 post, Kota Depok-1 post; Kota Bogor-1 post

Application process
  • The application deadline is 19 October 2016. 
  • Please send the application with Subject: “YKS_ADEA_LOCATION_Post_name” of applicant toyayasankasihsuwitno@gmail.com
  • We will acknowledge all applications, but will contact only short-listed candidates.

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