WWF - SEA Project Job Vacancy: Fishery Project Coordinator, Jakarta - Indonesian - Kerja Ngo

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WWF - SEA Project Job Vacancy: Fishery Project Coordinator, Jakarta - Indonesian

Title: Fishery Project Coordinator

Reports to: Sustainable Fisheries Advisor

Supervision of: -

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesia Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project is a five-year contract that supports the Government of Indonesia to conserve biological diversity and improve the governance of marine resources at local, district, provincial and national levels. By using an ecosystem-based approach to management and engaging key stakeholders, the SEA Project will 1) enhance conservation and sustainable use of marine resources by reforming fisheries management and promoting marine protected areas to enhance fisheries productivity, food and nutrition security, and sustainable livelihoods within the target area; and 2) strengthen the leadership role and capacity of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and local governments to promote conservation and sustainable fishing. The SEA Project is implemented by Tetra Tech and a consortium of partners that includes Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and WWF-Indonesia (WWF).

The SEA Project will run from March 2016 through March 2021.

The SEA Project is predicated on an ecosystem approach to fisheries and marine resources management, which implies that it will integrate across sectors and assist in the development of plans and implementation actions that address biophysical, governance and socio-economic concerns.  To accomplish this vision of ecosystem approach and integration, it will need to formulate a consistent level of baseline information for project areas so that actions and longer-term plans will truly address the underlying issues and threats to the geographic areas of focus.  Such an approach will also provide a model for other areas in Indonesia and a systematic means of scaling up coastal and marine resource management by local districts, provinces and the national government.

The SEA Project will implement activities in the three provinces —West Papua, North Maluku, and Maluku Provinces—that lie within Indonesia’s Fishery Management Zone WWP-715. This zone was chosen to be the site of the SEA Project because of the area’s high marine biodiversity, status as a national priority area for fisheries, the presence of small island provinces/districts, high rates of extreme poverty and high vulnerability to climate change. The project will also operate at a national scale to support specific activities of the Ministry of Marine Affaires and Fisheries.


The objectives of the SEA Project are to: 

  • Support enhanced conservation and sustainable use of marine resources by reforming fisheries management and promoting marine protected areas to enhance fisheries productivity, food security, and sustainable livelihoods within the target areas.
  • Support the strengthening of the leadership role and capacity of the MMAF and local governments to promote conservation and sustainable fishing.
  • Overall, at the end of five years, USAID assistance through SEA will have improved the conservation and management of Indonesia’s marine biodiversity through increased capacity and the practical application of marine conservation and sustainable fisheries management.  The SEA Project will recruit a Fishery Project Coordinator to work with the technical team in managing day to day project implementation. 

Job Summary
The Fishery Project Coordinator is responsible to support in day to day management and coordination to implementing the Sustainable Fishery work plan activities supported by the SEA Project to ensure the activities implemented within the defined timeline.  This will include, but not limited, coordinating with SEA Project’s counterparts, partners and SEA Project team to undertake required works for activity implementation preparation, monitoring implementation to ensure activities are implemented in accordance to designed objectives and outputs, reporting the activities [including minutes of meetings, and progress reports] undertaken meets SEA Project’s standards and requirement, and providing recommendations and lesson learns for improvement. This is to ensure timely implementation of work plan activities, reporting and improved approaches and implementation.

The Fishery Project Coordinator is also to support in conducting assessments needed in designing and implementing Sustainable Fishery work plan activities to ensure activities are developed and implemented base on robust scientific justification and evidences. The Fishery Project Coordinator will work closely with the Sustainable Fisheries and Senior Sustainable Advisors as well as the COP/DCOP. 

The Fishery Project Coordinator specifically will, but will not be limited to the following: 

  • Support to ensure timely implementation of work plan activities under the Sustainable Fishery Component of SEA Project by coordinating all aspects of project coordination, communication, and execution under the guidance of the Sustainable Fishery and Senior Sustainable Fishery Advisors.
  • Participate in strategy development of project implementation, which include developing TOR, budget plan, initiating communication and coordinating with MMAF, provincial/district fishery offices and related agencies including develop improvements and innovations to enhance performance on work plan implementation
  • Coordinate with MMAF to solicit feed-back on proposed methods and procedures.
  • Support to initiates and facilitates the active participation of MMAF and related agencies, such as to establish or enhance structures to assure regular consultation between counterparts and SEA Project, and establishing timetable for proposed activities.
  • Support to manage project budget and resource allocations as planned.
  • Engage to ensure accurate and timely financial and narrative of activities reports are prepared. 
  • Support in developing progress, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Support to ensure that lessons learned and best practices are incorporated into project designs.
  • Utilize a network of relationship to collect and disseminate information and build support for desired objectives.
  • Engage with other relevant government agencies including other ministries to stimulate better integration in planning and coordinating towards sustainable fisheries and effective fishery managements.
  • Build coalitions among the various stakeholders; negotiates authority to move the project forward
  • Support to develop annual work plan activities related to sustainable fisheries in line with Indonesian priorities.
  • If needed, support in data/information/literature collection, analysis and report writing for assessments undertaken.
  • Other related tasks, as requested.



  • Master degree in related field including fisheries, marine and coastal resources.

Work Experience:

  • Has at least three years working experience in related field.
  • Has experience in project management; coordinating multiple activities.
  • Has experience working together with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) Republic of Indonesia and or international organization involved in sustainable fishery.


  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • High degree of adaptability to varied working environments and good interpersonal
  • Able to work independently and in a team.
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and professional proficiency in oral and written English. Good problem-solving skills.
  • Good organizational skills, including establishing priorities and meeting deadlines
  • Has ability to facilitate effective meetings and is active listener.
  • Has high cultural sensitivity working with people from diverse backgrounds, believes, ethnicities and cultures, and nationalities.
  • This position is a national position, thus is limited for Indonesian nationality.

If you are interested and qualified , please send your latest CV to: Jobs@SEA-Indonesia.org be fore December 4, 2016. Please note the title of the position you are applying for in your submission email. 

Note: position titles may be adjusted to reflect level of experience of selected candidates.

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