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Same Skies International Job Volunteer: Workshop Facilitator - Java, Indonesian

Position Description – External Evaluator/Workshop Facilitator (Voluntary)

Information contained in this Position Description is subject to change, as circumstances change and new needs emerge. Same Skies aims to update key outcomes of roles as regularly as possible.

General Details

Position Title: External Evaluator/Workshop Facilitator (Voluntary)

Supervisor: Executive Director

Location: Java, Indonesia

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates Field Visit: 29/01 – 02/02/2017


  • Participatory Workshop Facilitation
  • Evaluation
  • Refugee Protection & Assistance

  • Overview of the Organisation & the Assignment
  • Same Skies is a small non-religious, politically neutral non-profit organisation registered under Swiss law since late 2014. We are a multidisciplinary team of passionate international professionals committed to supporting refugees and asylum seekers[1]. We are motivated by principles of equality and social justice without discrimination based on nationality, ethnic background, religion, gender and/or age. Debriefing on many combined years of humanitarian work experience in different international contexts led the founding members to the realisation that good intentions alone are not enough. Particularly in protracted refugee crises, creativity is required to find new ways that enable genuine community participation, empowerment and capacity strengthening, while at the same time being more cost effective than traditional approaches.

  • The refugee communities with whom we work live in transit countries where they await the processing of their asylum claims, and durable solutions such as resettlement to a third country through the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). We support activities that benefit the entire community.

  • Our Vision: Refugees in transit countries live with self-determination and in dignity.

  • Our Mission: Innovative refugee protection that genuinely empowers displaced communities and strengthens existing capacities.

  • Our Strategic Goal: Establish networks of refugee-led community centres that have the capacity to organise planned activities that sustainably strengthen the resilience, self-determination and well-being of displaced communities over large geographical areas of transit countries.

  • Overview of the Challenge
  • There are currently 13,110 refugees stranded in Indonesia for many years. While they await the processing of their asylum claims and resettlement, they are tolerated in the country, but receive very little support, and have limited access to basic human rights, such as education, health care, livelihood and dignity.

  • The majority of refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia are from Afghanistan, followed by Myanmar, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, and others.

  • Due to local work restrictions for refugees, there is a high degree of underutilized skills in the community, which we mobilise. We don’t see vulnerability as a fixed condition, but perceive refugees as resilient. This has a significantly transformative impact on people’s lives. We involve refugees in project management to build purpose and self-determination, and consequently reduce mental health issues; at the same time making communities stronger and more self-reliant.

  • In 2014 Same Skies facilitated the establishment of a community centre by the name of “Refugee Learning Nest” (the Nest). It is located a couple of hours south of Jakarta and is entirely run and managed by community-based organisations. They provide children’s education, English lessons for adults, vocational skills-sharing such as a tailoring workshop, sports, arts classes and other social interaction.

  • In late 2015 Same Skies started supporting a second refugee-led community centre nearby called “Refugee Learning Center”. They provide similar activities to the Nest.

  • Overview of the Assignment
  • Same Skies is currently looking for a qualified and motivated individual to assist the team with a project evaluation as an external Evaluator/Workshop Facilitator (voluntary). This will include being in charge of finalising the Evaluation Terms of Reference, facilitating participatory workshops with community-based organisations, as well as analysing the data and compiling a report.

  • The evaluation will look at the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of Same Skies activities conducted with community-based organisations in Indonesia. The following questions based on the organisation’s main objectives shall be assessed:

  • Relevance & Efficiency
  • Has the training and coaching been relevant and efficient to build defined capacities?

  • a. Level of Satisfaction of volunteers: Do the volunteers consider their involvement as value added to their daily life satisfaction and personal development?
  • Are the volunteers aware of their added value to the community, of their successes as a team and do they feel a strong sense of belonging?
Question 1 will be answered through pre-defined capacity assessment tools (self-assessment) and Questions 2 will be assessed through participatory workshops with the volunteers. The output will be an evaluation report, as well as lessons learnt and best practices.

Same Skies manages its projects mainly through remote support and oversight with regular field visits for intensive training. The successful candidate will be required to visit the project site together with the Same Skies Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Coordinator. We are looking for a qualified individual with experience in the facilitation of participatory workshops to support the M&E Coordinator in a two-day field visit (31 January – 01 February 2017). The deadline for the final report is 17 February 2017. The position will report directly to the Executive Director and must be able to work closely with the Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator. The assignment will include the following duties:

  • Finalise the evaluation framework before the field visit in collaboration with the Executive Director and M&E Coordinator.
  • Finalise evaluation tools and methodology for participatory workshops.
  • Facilitate participatory workshops in the field to assess evaluation questions.
  • Be in charge of data analysis and drafting of evaluation report due 17 February 2017 in collaboration with the M&E Coordinator; including recommendations to correct detected weaknesses and improve the design of future projects.

Personal attributes

  • Self-awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity.
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Initiative and creativity.

Skills and experience

  • Demonstrated experience in the evaluation of humanitarian projects, preferably in refugee protection and assistance.
  • Proven experience in the facilitation of participatory workshops.
  • Excellent communication skills in English both verbal and written, and strong report-writing abilities.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Politics/International Relations or a related field.
Language skills
Ability to speak different languages will be considered an advantage.


Further attributes, experience, skills or qualifications
  • Candidates with knowledge of relevant topics in refugee protection and assistance and/or experience working with refugees will be prioritised.
  • Experience working with community-based organisations.
  • Experience working with volunteer-based organisations.
  • Knowledge of the local context in Indonesia/ South-East Asia.
Same Skies is a small non-for-profit organisation with a limited budget. Unfortunately we are unable to remunerate the successful candidate for their time. However, we will cover the following costs:
  • Domestic travel expenses.
  • Accommodation allowance for overnight stays.
  • Evaluation-related expenses, such as workshop materials etc.
  • All reimbursement will be paid upon presentation of a receipt.
In addition, you will be provided with the following support:
  • Comprehensive pre-departure briefing.
  • In-country orientation by community-based organisations and M&E Coordinator.
  • Remote support and guidance in relation to any issues provided by Executive Director.
PLEASE NOTE: Candidates must be based in Indonesia with valid visa and insurance, or agree to make their own international travel arrangements.

[1] For simplicity of reading we will hereafter refer to “refugees” only. However, we do not differentiate/exclude members of displaced communities based on their legal status.

To apply, please send your expression of interest outlining your motivation and skills together with your resume to

Closing Date: 08 January 2017

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