SOS children's villages Job Vacancy: National Sponshorship Coordinator, Bandung - Kerja Ngo

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SOS children's villages Job Vacancy: National Sponshorship Coordinator, Bandung



Main Responsibilities:

  • Implementing the measures required to provide sponsors with a reliable service
  • Provides training and guidance for the other staff involved in sponsorship activities, and ensures continuity in the processing of sponsorship work by ensuring that co-workers adhere to to their annual schedule
  • Provides the International Sponsorship Office with new or updates information and recent photographs of children and young people, registrations, transfers and departures, and facility reports
  • Co-operate with International Sponsorship Office so as to reply to sponsors’ queries efficiently and thoroughly. 
  • Provides written input to the village sponsorship co-worker‘s performance appraisal, which is conducted by the village director
  • The sponsorship co-ordinator visits each village at least once a year
  • Possesses education geared towards business administration, fundraising or languages
  • Has strong affinity to fund development and communication
  • Shows motivation for quality assurance
  • Is able to identify with the vision, mission and values of SOS Children's Villages
  • Thinks and acts in a strategic way and is open to innovation and change
  • Has excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Has excellent computer literacy
  • Has a strong customer orientation (optional: experience in the servicing industry); Possesses excellent organisational skill; Likes working in an international setting and with customers from varying cultural backgrounds; Has an interest in child protection topics; Is able to represent the area of sponsorship services within the national association 
  • Is a good communicator with excellent oral and written communication skills; Can design and create innovative, inspiring messages for sponsors and donors; Has an eye for design and layout; Is able to convey complex issues in written communication with donors (optional: experience in emergency/crisis communication) 
  • Likes working with or within a team and virtual team;  Is able to build, guide and plan with a team of sponsorship co-workers at programme level; Has the ability to build and maintain structures and networks; Is able to design, organise and hold workshops to implement global guidelines and requirement
  • Is result-oriented and self-reflective, determined, innovative and pro-active; Shows social competence and is an excellent networker.
Interested applicants should send their application via e-mail to (Max 25MB) latest by February 28, 2017. It is must for all the applicants to mention the designation in the subject line of e-mail while sending their application.

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