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Peace Corps Job Vacancy: Program Assistant - TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate, Surabaya

The United States Peace Corps program in Indonesia is currently open recruitment for qualified and motivated candidates for positions in SURABAYA.

Position: Program Assistant –  TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate

Division/ Department: Programming & Training Unit

Salary: Depends on salary history, the annual basic salary minimum is Rp.117,142,766

Location: Surabaya,  works throughout Indonesia

Reports to: Director of Programming & Training

Statement Of Work – PA TEFL Certificate:

General Description
Under the supervision of the Director of Programming & Training (DPT), the guidance of the Program Manager (PM) and Regional Managers (RM), and the collaboration of another program assistant the Program Assistant (PA) – TEFL Certificate provides support to the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)/TEFL Certificate program. The PA works with the DPT, PM, RMs, and other staff as part of the Programming & Training Unit (PTU).

The PA must consistently use a range of support and communication skills including active listening, interactive coaching, and timely and consistent follow through on requests for support and/or assistance and/or program adaptations. The PA should foster and develop personal and professional growth, celebrate accomplishments, promote best practices and consistently champion the efforts of Trainees and Volunteers. The PA also works closely with other members of Peace Corps staff to support Volunteers in their work in Indonesia. The PA will actively contribute to the overall direction of the Peace Corps program in Indonesia and help to ensure the safety and security of Trainees and Volunteers. Quality of work is also judged by collaborative participation with all Peace Corps staff, especially the programming and training team.

Peace Corps Indonesia employs several weeks of orientation and training to prepare new staff members for their roles in the organization.

Summary of Responsibilities

TEFL Certificate Project Support

  • Gains an understanding of the Peace Corps Education Sector Guidance as it pertains to TEFL and the TEFL Core Curriculum by reviewing the relevant material including competencies, learning objectives and training materials; reviews with P&T staff as needed.
  • Conducts focus group discussions or interviews with current PCVs to understand additional TEFL training needs that may vary from the current material, and works with the TEFL project manager and PAC members to revise/adapt the training sessions if needed to the realities and specific needs of PC TEFL Trainees in Indonesia.
  • Provides feedback and evaluates the teaching of PCVs/PCTs based on the Teaching Proficiency Index (TPI).
  • Conducts ongoing TPI observations for both PCVs/PCTs as scheduled by other PTU staff.
  • Participates in events as scheduled and required by the TEFL Certificate Program, such as planning, organizing, and facilitating on-line training events, PCV teaching observations, assessing and evaluating Volunteer teaching using the TPI, etc.
  • Enters grades in a timely fashion into the on-line grade book for monitoring Volunteer progress.
  • Manage the procedural elements of the quarterly On-line Learning Communities (OLC) events
  • Help manage and facilitate discussion boards events
  • Maintains a professional and positive public image with the staff, Volunteers/Trainees and the local community to ensure the proper implementation of the Peace Corps mission.
  • Works both independently and as part of a team and enhances Peace Corps philosophy and decisions.

Programming and Training Duties

  • Serves as a proactive resource for all Volunteers regarding their work as English teachers
  • Coordinates with PTU on the tasks and documentation related to Volunteer management, guidance, and support
  • Coordinates with PTU to visit PCVs at their permanent sites as needed, and observes and provides feedback on PCVs teaching activities and assists with host family issues when necessary.
  • Assist the PM in fostering positive, collaborative relationships with school administrations, teachers, and other community organizations to ensure that host schools understand the project purpose and have realistic expectations of Volunteers;
  • Prepares and updates relevant databases, documents and files in a timely and complete manner
  • Acts as a support and resource person for other technical training staff throughout PST and assists them in planning, designing, and implementing training sessions as well as being a coordinator for Resource Volunteers and other outside trainers;
  • Acts as technical trainer; deliver technical training sessions at training sessions using interactive teaching methods and adult learning principles, either independently or in collaboration with other technical trainers
  • Assists the PM in site visits, particularly to observe and evaluate Volunteer’s teaching at site, provide constructive feedback and ensure that volunteer’s teaching strategy reaches the standards of the new TEFL Certificate program;
Trainee and Volunteer Support

  • Assists Trainees and Volunteers in improving their job performance through technical support, cultural insights, and direction to relevant and available resources, as needed.
  • Supports and troubleshoots problems invitees have in trying to participate in pre-departure online learning
  • Manages timeline on pre-departure sessions and encourages invitee participation
  • Supports Trainees and Volunteers with personal counseling and guidance on various technical strategies for classroom teaching, and policies and procedures, as needed.
  • Contributes to the assessment of Volunteers’ needs for technical training.
  • Collaborates with PM and TTC in providing technical support to Volunteers related to the educations project goals and objectives;
  • Provides support to trainees as needed in planning, organizing and implementing the TEFL practicum activities, and is available to help trainees develop effective cross-cultural strategies and productive habits for adjusting to working in an Indonesian classroom with a HCN teacher.
  • Provides key PC staff with feedback and observations regarding the personal attributes of each trainee required to qualify for service, including motivation for service, productive competence, maturity and adaptability level, skills acquisition, social and cultural sensitivity.

TEFL Materials and Resource Development

  • Proactively identifies and circulates information supportive to Volunteer’s activities
  • Responds to Volunteers’ requests for materials.
  • Compiles and distributes best teaching practices of PCVs for use in teaching.
  • Updates printed and electronic resources for Trainees and Volunteers, as needed.
  • Evaluates and recommends TEFL for procurement and distribution to PCVs. Orients Trainees and Volunteers to resources and library system as needed.
  • Posts and organizes relevant resources to available media (e.g., Share-point, Yammer, monthly newsletter, etc.), including notification about newly received materials.
  • Collaborates with relevant staff on post PST work until the end of contract date, i.e. preparation and implementation of post PST trainings, visiting each Volunteer as scheduled by the TEFL team for lesson observation and feedback, etc.


  • Ensure open communication and regular meetings with the PM and other PA, as well as other PTU staff, as these positions must work closely and effectively together.
  • Serves as back-up to Program Manager as needed.
  • Stays up-to-date on the field of English teaching in Indonesia, and recommends innovations in PC programming and training when possible.
  • Be consistent and assertive in enhancing PC policies and procedures.
  • Observes professional code of ethics in regard to Volunteers/Trainees, Staff and the community.
  • Observes the limits of confidentiality with Volunteers/Trainees and Staff.
  • Promotes learner independence and PCTs/PCVs’ self-sufficiency.
  • Assist PTU staff as needed in conducting site identification surveys of potential Volunteer site placements for incoming groups, especially the second round site check. Work with project partners and potential Supervisors and Counterparts to develop the Volunteer’s work site assignment.
  • Performs other duties as assigned according to Peace Corps Indonesia’s needs.
  • TDY Travel: The Contractor is subject to worldwide availability and may be requested by the Peace  Corps to be reassigned or transferred permanently to another Peace Corps Post/Headquarters  or  perform temporary duties (TDY) as required and to travel to other assignments within Peace Corps’ as assigned. Any such reassignment or transfer shall be subject to agreement of the Contractor. The Statement of Work as defined will remain the same; however the duties may be subject to change as determined by the Contracting Officer. Provides regular and timely support, both technical and general, to Volunteers.


  • Experience:
    • At least five years’ teaching English as a foreign language, preferably in Indonesian school system
    • At least two years’ experience conducting teacher training desirable
  • Language:
    • Oral and written fluency in Bahasa Indonesian and English required. Knowledge of Javanese, Madurese, or other provincial language preferred
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Attention to detail.
    • Knowledge of Peace Corps’ cooperative development philosophy, goals, and policies.
    • Ability to use computer and Microsoft suite of applications.
    • Ability to act with diplomacy and tact with staff, PCVs, trainees, community members and government officials.

Educational Background:

  • University/college degree required, preferably in English Education.
  • A TEFL/CELTA or other recognized teaching certification is desirable.
Please submit the following by email as one PDF file to
  • Application Cover Letter
  • CV
Please indicate “PA TEFL” in the subject line of the email.

To be considered the email should be sent on or before:

Monday July 10, 2017 at 10:00AM local Surabaya time.

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