Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre Membuka Lowongan Dokter Hewan (Satwa Liar) Penempatan Di Minahasa Utara - Kerja Ngo

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Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre Membuka Lowongan Dokter Hewan (Satwa Liar) Penempatan Di Minahasa Utara

Job Title: Veterinary

Department: Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre Clinic

Position Overview
Veterinary is responsible for diagnosis, prescription of Tx/care-plans, health screens, surgeries, autopsies as well as working on plans for improvement/development of the clinic and healthcare standards of PPST

Essential Job Functions

  • Animal Care
    • Diagnose issue
    • Prescribe Tx
    • Carry out Sx
    • Carry out autopsies
    • Carry out health screen on
      • new arrivals,
      • animals to be released,
      • animals scheduled for annual health screen
    • Carry out visual inspection of all wildlife on daily basis according to the animal health checklist
      • Monitor all animals in quarantine
      • Monitor all newly socialised animals to ensure no fighting, no injuries or food deprivation is taking place
      • Monitor all animals moved to a new location to evaluate their adaptation to the new space
    • Administer agreed Tx according to SOPs
    • Monitor wildlife under Tx, ensuring medication is taken
    • Monitor wildlife on weight-gain diet
      • ensure adequate feeding regime is implemented
      • ensure prescribed food intake is being consumed
    • Carry out routine preventative care of all wildlife according to SOP
    • Attend all animal health emergencies
  • Clinic Resources
    • Ensure the clinic and its equipment is clean according to hygiene SOP
    • Ensure the clinic is available for use according to hygiene SOP
    • Prepare the clinic for any scheduled procedures
    • Support procedures requiring sedation
      • prepare sedation
      • monitor anaesthesia
    • Clean the clinic after every procedure according to the hygiene SOP
    • Ensure clinic is clean, tidy and locked at the end of the day
  • Record Keeping
    • write autopsy reports
    • record checks of daily visual inspection
      • of animals in quarantine
      • of newly socialised animals
      • of animals moved to a new location
      • of all wildlife
    • record response to Tx
    • record progress of weight gain
    • record health screens
    • record daily activities
    • record animal health events
    • keep animal medical records up-to-date
    • record clinic needs
    • review and update the clinic wish list
    • record checks on animal first aid-kit
    • record stock of consumables
    • record stock and usage of medications
Additional Tasks:
Flexibility to help with the below activities is required as presently there are not enough resources available to cover all areas of work

  • Create/propose/improve clinic SOPs for the veterinary manual
  • Create/propose/improve medical training/conditioning of wildlife for routine examinations
  • Support animal management activities where required


  • 40hr work week, 2 days off


  • Full veterinary degree
  • Permit to operate in an animal clinic
  • Permit to acquire veterinary medication
  • Flexible, open minded, willing to learn International standards of handling/operation
  • Willing to work in an international environment with veterinarian professionals from all over the world


  • On the Job
On the Job Supervision/Reporting

  • Clinic Manager


  • Monthly remuneration according to capacity and performance
  • Full board Accommodation
  • Availability of knowledge bases and network of professionals

Jl. Raya Tanjung Merah-Kema, Pimpin Jaga XV Desa Watudambo, Kec. Kauditan, Kab. Minahasa Utara; 95372 Sulawesi Utara, INDONESIA

Email: angela@tasikoki.org

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