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Greenpeace Southeast Asia Call for Proposal Legal Services, Indonesian


Perkumpulan Masyarakat Pencinta Lingkungan dan Damai Asia Tenggara, namely Greenpeace Indonesia is an independent campaigning non-government organization that exists to protect and conserve our environment. Greenpeace Indonesia acts in peaceful ways to change governments’, businesses’ and societal behavior and attitude towards our earth and our physical, social and economic environment, to ensure a sustainable future for all. To achieve the above mentioned objectives Greenpeace Indonesia run campaigns in different areas.

In regards to the above, Greenpeace Indonesia is currently seeking comprehensive and quality legal services to strengthen its campaign operations in Indonesia. It is aimed that a reputable Indonesian law firm can provide legal services to Greenpeace Indonesia in the following work areas: corporate or governance of the organization, litigation, campaign actions, and industrial relations. The law firm is also expected to provide quality legal advices and services to ensure that Greenpeace Indonesia complies with relevant laws and regulations in Indonesia and need to have the following qualities:
  • At least 10 years of experience in legal practicing in Indonesia, preferably with strong track records in the four work areas those are mentioned above.
  • Clean track records. Have not represented nor provided legal services to government, government officials, and companies with history of environmental destructions/violations, human rights abuses and corrupt practices.
  • Proven capacity in providing legal services in English, including but not limited to legal counseling, drafting of legal documents as well as legal accompaniment in English.
  • Led by Senior Lawyer or Advocate as Senior Partner(s).
  • Experience in working with civil society organizations is an advantage.
For those who are interested may request the complete Terms of Reference by sending the request to Please write on the subject line “REQUEST ToR_your law firm name”

NOTE: Deadline for the Proposal submission will be on 14 July 2017.


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Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Indonesia

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