KOICA Indonesia Mencari Konsultant Lokal Untuk Kegiatan Transportation Project Tahun 2017 - Kerja Ngo

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KOICA Indonesia Mencari Konsultant Lokal Untuk Kegiatan Transportation Project Tahun 2017

KOICA Indonesia is looking for Indonesian Expert/Local Consultant to conduct Demand Survey on Infrastructure (Transportation) Project – Jakarta, Indonesia

Terms of Reference for KOICA Local Consultant

Selection Criteria
Position: Indonesia Expert/Local Consultant
Division: Infrastructure (Transportation)
Project Field: Jakarta, Indonesia
Demand Survey Period: 23rd August~10th September (tentative)
CV Submission Period: 14th August~20th August

General Description:
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is the official donor agency of the Republic of Korea, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. KOICA Indonesia focuses on (1) Infrastructure and Economic Development, (2) Good Governance and IT Development, and (3) Environment Protection

KOICA Indonesia Office is now looking for Indonesian Expert/Local Consultant to conduct demand survey for 2019 Project. The surveys will on transportation sector, especially (1) improvement on road system in Jabotabek area, (2) integrated, toll road/non-toll road system, (3) bridge renovation

The main objective of this demand survey is to develop new feasible projects for year 2019. The work will be carried out in partnership with counterpart Ministries.

Key Accountabilities and Duties& Tasks
The main responsibility of the local expert is to support KOICA Indonesia Demand Survey expert in order to evaluate the project’s potential for success.

The specific responsibilities in three folds as follow;
  • To collect in-depth information with respect to the demand of the counterpart ministries and the institutions from Indonesia
  • To complete two (2) project concept papers in partnership with KOICA Indonesia Demand survey expert
  • To produce the necessary technical consultation, and feasible input which shall be utilize for the success of the project
Work Scope
The Scope of the work of local expert would comprise but not limited to the following:
  • To make questionnaires for demand survey or interviews with related government officials or persons.
  • To do As-is analysis in detail with clear logical reasoning and references of quantitative data
  • To devise a reasonable time plan & project activities
  • To make budget plan with clear criteria sources
  • Is expected to attend meetings with the Ministries and the institutions which are the counterpart of the Projects
  • To provide technical supports to Assistant Country Director and Expert in document and correspondence preparation and follow-ups.
  • To provide Bahasa Indonesia-English translations for project concept paper
Consultant Fee
Consultant fee is in accordance with KOICA’s regulation and UN Local Expert Consultancy Fee Standards (INKINDO standard applicable) *specific details would be negotiated after the interview

  • Professional Degree: preferably Master’s Degree in the transportation sector. Bachelor degree will be considered if supported by experiences and recommendation letter
  • At 3 years of working experience in bilateral/multilateral project planning and management
  • Advanced writing skills in English
  • A proven donor-funded experience, demonstrating detailed orientation, and the ability to understand and effectively use information and data
Closing date for application is 20th August.

Interested candidate for this position should submit the below listed document electronically to Email: recruitment.koicaindonesia@gmail.com
  • Application letter;
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae;
  • Any other documentation (e.g., certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that address the qualification criteria of the position as listed. All documentation must be translated into English
Application without the letter will not be accepted and only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews

Point of Contact
Questions may be directed to the email, recruitment.koicaindonesia@gmail.com

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