Change.org Vacancy: Senior Campaigner, Jakarta


Senior Campaigner, Indonesia

Campaigns  ·  Full-time  ·  Jakarta, Indonesia

People-powered campaigns on Change.org have completely shifted the way we see change in Indonesia. The platform has been used to save forests, fight corruption, and eliminate discrimination. People are starting to realise one thing: that change, is possible! Since we started in Indonesia on June 2012, our user base have exploded from 8,000 to almost half of million in the beginning of 2014. With tens of thousands experiencing victories! However, we have only scratched the surface of what is the potential of fundamental change in Indonesia, where no one is powerless, and creating change is a part of everyday life. To make this happen, we are trying to find people to join our great team in Indonesia. We need people that are creative, professional, and highly competent. But more importantly we are looking for people that are passionate about helping others create the change they they want to see. Maybe people like you? As Senior Campaigner you will play a leading role in helping users start, grow, and win campaigns in every cause possible.

Day-to-day responsibilities will include:
  • Researching and identifying opportunities for creating effective grassroots campaigns around critical social, economic and environmental issues - and much more.
  • Identifying campaigns that have broad appeal, are winnable, and have stories that could inspire others. You’ll work with the Indonesian team to help these campaigns win by providing strategic advice on everything from campaign strategy to social media tactics, media outreach to event planning and execution.
  • Coming up with creative, exciting, and impactful campaign ideas to engage with the expanding new user base.
  • Helping manage our email list with hundreds of thousands of users and numerous segmentations, so that our users can know about and support campaigns they are interested in.
  • Contributing to the design and execution of strategy for the Indonesian Change.org team with the ultimate goal of empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
  • Coordinating with the Communications Director to escalate petition starter’s campaigns in the media and strengthening our brand in Indonesia as THE platform for change.
  • Collaborating with a global team of campaigners to help shape the direction of Change.org internationally.
The ideal candidate should have the following:
  • A strong understanding of campaigning and a commitment to our mission of empowering people to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times. You believe people can stop injustice and change the world and you’ve shown it by your past involvement in social change work.
  • A good understanding of the social and political landscape of the country. In particular you have a strong grasp of politics and power and understand the political and corporate pressure points in Indonesia and are across current issues.
  • Exceptional writing skills in Indonesian, able to craft compelling and persuasive written communication for a general audience.
  • You are enthusiastic; someone who's not afraid to get stuck-in and active, knowing that your work and dedication will inspire people with the belief that positive change is possible.
  • Drive. You're outcome driven and work relentlessly to get done what needs to get done.
  • Online skills. You enjoy working in an online environment, using social media and collaborating using online tools.
  • Able to identify and seize opportunities quickly. Online campaigning is very moment-driven, so you’ll be comfortable working in an agile and fast-paced environment.
  • Be a native Indonesian speaker
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English, to enable effective participation in the Change.org global team.
Change.org is an exceptionally fast-paced and collaborative work environment. Your co-workers are high-impact, low-ego, and have a deep respect for our members. Normally, Senior Campaigners will have relevant experience in advocacy, campaigning, media, PR, advertising or government – but if you make up for lack of experience with passion and a willingness to learn quickly, you should still apply. Besides the Senior Campaigner Role, we are also looking for someone to fill the Campaigns Director role. The core difference between these two roles is seniority and experience, with the Campaigns Director role involving substantially more leadership, strategy, accountability and over time, management. If you think you could also be a great Campaigns Director we encourage you to apply for that position as well. We’re an equal opportunity employer, which means we strongly encourage any interested parties to apply – we don’t discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical disability. Based in Jakarta, pay and benefits are very competitive. We will read every application and follow up directly if interested. Please be honest and thoughtful in your answers, and detail why you would be particularly well suited to the role in a short cover letter. Closing date for all applications is April 18th, though early applications are encouraged as assessment will happen on a rolling basis.