UN WOMEN INDONESIA Vacancy: Final Evaluation of Women, Peace and Security Program - Jakarta


I. Background
In 2011 UN Women signed an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in to implement a project entitled, ‘Development of the Indonesian National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security’.
The project’s main goal is to strengthen the peace building process and post-conflict governance in Indonesia support gender equality. The project has two objectives: to increase the commitment to implement the National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security; and to implement the NAP on Women Peace and Security in the project sites of Aceh and Papua.
Since 2011 the program has been focused on developing the National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security as well as promoting roles of grass root women groups in peace building.  UN Women provided technical assistance to develop the National Action Plan by working closely with a working groups consisting of representatives of government, women’s groups and members of academia which was established and chaired by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment to take forward the development of the Plan. This approach was also taken to ensure buy-in from these stakeholders.
Through these years of providing technical assistance to and supporting the process of NAP 1325 development, including building partnership and ownership among multi stakeholders, the Government of Indonesia has finally endorsed the national action plan in 2014 through the Ministry of People’s Welfare Regulation 7/2014 on Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children in Social Conflict.
The Indonesian National Action Plan advocacy process focused on building greater awareness of women’s role in conflict negotiation and peace building processes, strengthening the capacity of various stakeholders within government and CSOs and, importantly, building a strong constituency and ownership of the National Action Plan to ensure accountability in its implementation.
The NAP sets forth measures that government should implement to ensure protection and fulfilment of women’s rights in prevention and resolving of conflict and in peace building through an inter-ministries coordination mechanism.  NAP ownership resides with the key line ministries, including: the Ministries of Planning (Bappenas), Human Rights and Law, Politics and Security and Home Affairs, provincial governments, civil society organizations, groups and networks and academia.
In addition to the development of the Action Plan at the national level, capacity building for women peace activist and the government has been initiated at the provincial level in Papua and Aceh. Capacitating women’s groups is deemed necessary to foster their participation in monitoring the implementation of polices related to peace building, including the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.
As stipulated in the project framework, in the final year of the program implementation UN Women plans to conduct a final program implementation, which will evaluate all project components. This is a way to assess programme results, review strategies and provide forward-looking recommendations that aim to improve future program. UN Women is therefore seeking a National Consultant who will conduct a final evaluation of the project.
Duty Station:
Jakarta, Indonesia
Application Deadline:
 31 August 2015
Type of Contract:
Special Service Agreement (SSA)
Languages Required:                                                    
Bahasa Indonesia and English
Starting Date :
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)
1 October 2015
Expected Duration of Assignment:
From 1 October to 30 November 2015
(Approximately 30 working days with travels to provinces if required)

II.         Objectives of the Assignment
The objective of this consultancy is to conduct a final evaluation of the Women, Peace and Security Programme of UN Women in Indonesia.
III.      Scope of Work/Duties and Responsibilities
Under supervision of UN Women Country Manager a.i and in close consultation with the UN Women Indonesia project team, the Consultant shall perform the following tasks:
1.       To evaluate the entire Women, Peace and Security Program in terms of effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, sustainability and impact, with a strong focus on assessing the results at the outcome and project goals;
2.       To generate key lessons and identify promising practices particularly on engendering peace building for learning;
3.       To identify best practices that can be applied in wider contexts, particularly in fostering development of National Action Plan or other forms of polices on Women Peace and Security and in promoting gender mainstreaming in peace building.
4.       To identify the main challenges found during implementation of Women, Peace and Security Program
5.       To asses contribution of the project in increasing capacity of key stakeholders involved in throughout the program including; The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment, and women living in conflict and post conflict areas in Aceh and Papua province.
IV.      Duration of the Assignment and timeframe
The Consultant shall be expected to produce outputs equivalent to an average of 30 days.  The Consultant may also be required to travel within the country; all expenses related to official travel shall be borne by UN Women.
V.        Expected Deliverables
Details of activities/deliverables and timeframe is as follow:
Approx no. Of days
1.       A work plan, including an evaluation methodology. Present work plan to UN Women Office to gain feedback
October 5, 2015
1.    Conduct evaluation at national level through meeting and interview with, including with The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, and Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK), and formulating team of NAP 1325.
October 15, 2015
2.    Mission to Papua:
Conduct review at field level, meeting with UN Women’s partners and project beneficiaries in Papua
October 30, 2015
3.    Mission to Aceh
Conduct review at field level, meeting with UN Women’s partners and project beneficiaries in Aceh
November 10, 2015
·         Develop evaluation report and submit a draft to UN Women. 30-page, English-language report (excluding annexes) with a clear structure that describes the whole process of Women, Peace and Security program in Indonesia, particularly development of the Indonesia National Action Plan and Capacity Building of Women Peace Activists in Aceh and Papua.  The report shall include: an executive summary, findings, lesson learned, and recommendations;
November 20, 2015
4.    Present review results to UN Women and Donor
November 25 , 2015
5.    Finalize evaluation report based on comments and inputs provided by UN Women Indonesia
November 30, 2015
30 days
VI.                Inputs
·         UN Women will provide the Consultant with background materials to inform the program evaluation process including the program proposal and LFA, including reports from partners and activities.
·         UN Women will reimburse the costs of travel from Jakarta to the two pilot provinces, Aceh and Papua and provide up to 14 nights daily subsistence allowance (DSA) for Banda Aceh and Jayapura as per standard UN rate;
·         The consultant is expected to work remotely using her/his own computer, but may access the UN Women office for printing of relevant documents or should he/she be required to work on-site at any point during the assignment.
 VII.        Performance Evaluation
Consultant’s performance will be evaluated based on: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and quality of the products delivered.
VII.              Required experience and qualifications
The consultant should fulfil the following requirements:
·         Master’s degree in Peace Building, Development Studies, Human Rights, Social Science or other related fields.
Experience and skills
·        Evaluation experience at least 5 years in conducting external evaluations, with mixed-methods evaluation skills and having flexibility in using non-traditional and innovative evaluation methods.
·       Expertise in gender and human rights based approaches to evaluation preferably issues of women, peace and security.
·         Excellent knowledge and skills on Program Management including M&E Cycle, and Result Based Management.
·         Experience in working with key government and non-government institutions on peace building and women’s human rights is desirable.  
·         Familiarity with legal instruments related to conflict prevention and peace building including the UN SCR 1325, CEDAW and national policies such as Undang – Undang No. 12/ 2012 Penanganan Konflik , and Permenko No. 7/2014 Perlindungan dan Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Anak dalam Konflik Sosial is an advantage.
·         Knowledge of Indonesia’s context and understanding of socio-cultural conditions related to conflict prevention and peace building and, women’s rights in Indonesia is an advantage.
·       Strong commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results, i.e. credible evaluation and its report that can be used
Language and other skills
·         Outstanding command of English both written and oral.
·         Computer literacy and ability to effectively use office technology equipment, IT tools, ability to use Internet and email.
VIII.            Submission of Application
Interested candidates are requested to submit electronic application to: [email protected] with copy to: [email protected]  not later than Saturday 15 August 2015 at 17:00 UTC+ 07:00
Submission package
  1. CV
  2. Financial proposal. The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount breaking down a daily professional fee and cost for field trip to Aceh and Papua.
  3. Assessment breakdown:
70% - review of CV
30% - proposed rate/fee 
All applications must include (as an attachment) the CV and the financial proposal. Applications without financial proposal will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment.