MCA Indonesian Job Vacancy: Contract Management Specialist - Jakarta

Millennium Challenge Account - Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) is a trustee institution that represents the Government of Indonesia to implement a five-year (2013-2018) Millennium Challenge Corporation's Compact Program, a major pillar of the United States-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership and the largest single pledge made by the United States to Indonesia to date.

MCA-Indonesia has three projects under Compact Program: Green Prosperity, Community-based Health and Nutrition to Reduce Stunting and Procurement Modernization. Our projects are designed, managed and implemented by Indonesians, for the Indonesian people. Our most important development work happens where it should be: the districts and the villages.

Our goal is to reduce poverty through economic growth. Our program is country-driven, reform-centered, and results-focused in order to maximize its effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

To reach the goal, MCA-Indonesia is seeking highly dynamic and deliverable-oriented professionals for a better Indonesia:


The Contract Management Specialist [CMS] shall provide a broad range of contract management services. The CMS shall ensure that contract administration and procurement activities are conducted in compliance with the principles, rules and procedures set out in MCC Procurement Guidelines, Indonesia Compact Agreement, and any Supplemental Agreements with respect to Compact funded activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide assistance to the Project Team in the procurement process, liaise with Procurement and Procurement Agent (PA).
  • Upon receiving information about the completion of procurement process, initiate the contract process by issuing the Procurement Requisition Note (PRN), finalize and submit the PRN to Procurement Unit and PA.
  • ……..
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