CBM International Job Vacancy: Senior Programme Officer - Quality & Reporting, Jakarta

CBM Indonesia Country Office in Jakarta is in urgent need of a Senior Programme Officer - Quality & Reporting 

General Objective
CBM is an international development organisation whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world's poorest persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability. CBM works with partner organisations in low-income countries to develop and ensure that persons with disabilities and their families have ready access to affordable and comprehensive health care and rehabilitation programmes, quality education programmes, and livelihood opportunities. Working with persons with disabilities, CBM advocates for their inclusion in all aspects of society, and for the inclusion of disability in international cooperation. 

Position Objective
Reporting to the Programme Manager, the Senior Programme Officer - Quality and Reporting shall be the CO's main point person for 1) the design and availability of effective monitoring systems used by CBM partners and Programme staff for measuring effectiveness of CBM's Country Plan and supported projects 2) related evaluation processes 3) the provision of advice on the application of CBM's reporting system 4) enabling the use of evidence for effective advocacy as outlined in the Country Plan. In addition the job holder will advise and contribute to programme effectiveness framework and learning, including the design, collation, analysis and application of programme learning among CBM staff and partners.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensure all objectives and results in all new projects' Multi-year plans (MYPs) developed by the CO have appropriate indicators that meet widely acceptable criteria and a clear monitoring and evaluation description is written as part of each MYP document 
    • Advise and support project planning processes/sessions, especially for the formulation of objectives and results indicators in the project logical framework
    • Review and provide suggestions to partners during the MYP write up process especially the logical framework and monitoring and evaluation sections
  • Ensure each CBM supported project implemented by partners has an agreed, project-specific, practical yet effective monitoring system (to include data collection, reporting, recording/tabulation and analysis) along with all the required tools, and well trained project staff to implement the system 
    • Proactively assist the relevant Programme Officer (PO)s in reviewing the monitoring system and its tools proposed/developed by the partners and provide suggestions for improvement
    • Assist the partner(s) in the training of the project staff in the use of the agreed monitoring system and tools
  • Support the consistent and proper use of the mutually agreed project monitoring system by CBM partners, the proper storage and maintenance of monitoring data for ease of analysis, retrieval and use by the partners, as well as similar storage of selected important data at CBM Country Office 
    • Assist the relevant PO(s) in checking and reviewing the use (results) of the monitoring system by the project (partner's) staff
    • Provide assistance to solve any problems faced by the partners in the implementation of the agreed monitoring system of their projects
    • Assist the relevant PO(s) in organizing the storing/maintenance of data from partner(s)' project monitoring at CBM Country Office
  • Ensure that CBM projects evaluations are conducted properly by qualified evaluation teams consisting of external and internal team members as scheduled in the MYP (or on mutually agreed dates) and their results are documented properly for ease of use by the relevant programme staff for various purposes including advocacy 
    • Coordinate with the relevant PO/SPO (Senior Programme Officer) regarding planning for the scheduled evaluation
    • Support the development of, clear and comprehensive Terms of Reference for the evaluation following the CBM format, specific for the project in question
    • Identify appropriate candidates for the consultants and obtain their CVs, create a comparison matrix for review by the SPO, Programme Manager and Country Representative as well as the relevant MA as appropriate, for final selection
    • Prepare draft contract for the selected consultant for further processing by the Operations team
    • Together with the relevant PO coordinate with the relevant partner regarding the schedule/itinerary and the implementation of the evaluation
    • Support the relevant SPO/PO in steps for the follow up actions for the processing of the draft evaluation report until its finalization
  • Manage and organize monitoring data on project achievements, results of evaluation, lessons learned and proven best practices to be shared / exposed to public (government entities, development community) for advocacy purpose and/or possible replication
    • Facilitate or assist partners, SPO/PO in conducting periodic analysis of monitoring data to assess progress
    • Assist relevant partners and SPO/PO in planning/preparing for events (seminar, field visits, workshop etc.) for exposing specific project achievements to external audiences
  • Ensure the availability of data and storage of best practices and lessons learned generated from both CBM funded projects and others and routinely maintain them for ease of use by the organization 
    • Coordinate proactively with all POs and partners to identify and test the appropriateness of best practices and/or lessons learned generated from the implementation of projects
    • Develop at the CBM Country Office a database and storage (electronically) of all best practices and lessons learned
    • Support the development of appropriate materials re. best practices and/or lessons for use in CBM's external communication
  • Facilitate CBM programme staff to be more knowledgeable and skilled regarding monitoring and evaluation of projects under their responsibility, including the correct ways of developing Excel (or other application) database and data analysis 
    • Along with the Programme Manager, assess the knowledge and skills of all CBM programme staff in monitoring, evaluation and learning in general as well as the specific needs of their projects, and discuss with them ways of filling the identified gaps
    • Work either individually and/or in groups with relevant CBM programme colleagues for improving their monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting knowledge and skills
  • Identification, internalization, documention and sharing of new knowledge in monitoring and evaluation, project lessons learned and other learning with relevant CBM colleagues and partners in the spirit of making CBM a learning organization, and even beyond. 
    • Contribute proactively to CO sharing and learning sessions, home weeks and annual reviews
    • Support and inform systems to ensure programme learning is applied in CO programmes
    • Collaborate with CBM International Office and Member Associations to ensure that CO adheres to best practice within the organization regarding monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting
  • Ensure the timely production and availability of high-quality CO reports to internal and external stakeholders. 
    • Coordinate the narrative and financial reporting schedules and processes for all CBM-supported projects and activities, ensuring that the preparation and submission of all reports are on track
    • Review reports submitted by programme staff, for final approval by Programme Manager
    • Prepare and submit statutory reports to CBM's government and other national partners and ensure their timely delivery
    • Submitt on time all CO required reports to CBM's Regional Office, International Office and Member Associations as required
  • Active member of a solid and compact highly productive CBM Indonesia programme team as well as office-wide team (shared responsibility). 
    • Proactively contribute to staff meetings, learning process, workshops etc.
    • Be creative and innovative
    • Offer to help other staff as appropriate without waiting to be requested
    • Fill-in for other programme staff as needed and appropriate and assume other duties as relevant
Position Requirements

Educational Qualification and Work Experience:
  • Relevant degree (international development, sociology etc.)
  • Experience in project design, monitoring, review and evaluation and the application of this information to programme quality improvements
  • Experience in evaluation and strengthening of quality and effectiveness systems
  • Mentoring the development of technical skills and quality reasoning in others
  • Knowledge and application of basic research methodologies - both quantitative and qualitative
  • Capacity to manage complex workload cooperatively between teams
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to develop and maintain strong cross-cultural professional relationships
Other Competencies and Skills Requirements:
  • Ability to think strategically and conceptually
  • Self-motivated, able to work independently, strong ability to foster teamwork
  • Experience with working with people with disabilities and the disability-inclusive development sector a considerable advantage
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Computer skills in Excel, Word, email and database management 
  • Available to travel within Indonesia
  • Commits to CBM's Child Safeguarding Policy
CBM is a child-safe organization. The future job holder adheres to CBM's staff commitments and CBM's Child Safeguarding Policy; he or she must be able to provide a certificate of good conduct or equivalent. 

CBM encourages people with disabilities to apply for this position 

Candidates are invited to submit their CV, cover letter outlining how they fit the position requirements and salary expectations in a pdf file to Indonesia.Recruitment@cbm.org.

Applications not fulfilling these requirements will not be considered. Deadline for applications is 30 September 2016. Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Interviews will be held between 7-18 October 2016.