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Call for Expression of Interest

Capacity Assessments for Partner CSOs

Strategic Partnership – Green and Inclusive Energy

As part of the Citizen Agency Consortium, Hivos will work with partners to influence international policies and funds that are relevant for green/inclusive energy systems under its Dialogue and Dissent strategic partnership program with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Green and Inclusive Energy: a solution to sustainable growth.

Green and inclusive energy systems are designed, implemented and operated using transparent and participatory processes that include women and men, CSOs and meet people’s energy needs for their daily activities, livelihoods, education and health, while reducing climate change.

In aiming for green and inclusive energy systems there is also a goal to develop capacities of both partner organisations and Hivos staff on how to effectively lobby and advocate for this goal. The capacity development efforts of this programme will focus less on technical energy issues and more on approaches to change. This includes multi-actor engagement, transition approaches, linking grassroots reality to high level policy and effective L&A and communication strategies in a highly politicised and sensitive context.

The main objectives of this consultancy are:
  • To conduct internal capacity assessments for Hivos and (at least) 4 other partner CSOs to identify prioritized lobby and advocacy goals and outcomes.
  • To produce in a timely manner a final report comprising CSOs’ internal capacity strengths and needs.
  • To facilitate the crosschecking and validation process with the involved partner CSOs.
Main results – Deliverables:
A draft key findings report by 17 October, 2016.

Presentation of the key findings and crosschecking to Hivos and partners by 21 October 2016.

Please consult the Terms of Reference (ToR) document attached to this EOI for more detailed information. CLICK HERE

Expression of Interest should be submitted via e-mail to & by 11 September, 2016.