MDPI Foundation Job Vacancy: Co-Management Specialist, Bali - Denpasar

JOB TITLE: Co-Management Specialist/Officer
Code: CMS

JOB FUNCTION: To support and develop the Fisheries Improvement Department of MDPI in its mission to work on sustainable fisheries implantation in Indonesia and the region. This is done through contribution on varied aspects within the department but specifically to focus on the development of the Co-Management/Data Management Committee approach.

The primary responsibility for the program management advisory staff is to implement activities which work towards improvement of sustainability within small scale fisheries in Indonesia. Fisheries improvement focuses on various aspects, namely:
  • The sustainability of the fish stocks 
  • The sustainability of the environment
  • The management of the fishery
The theory behind MDPI is that working in the community on sustainability efforts is incomplete without a focus on the human factor. Hence fisheries improvement additionally includes the sustainability of the fishing communities. For this reason the position also focuses on:
  • Community development 
  • Capacity building
As Co-Management Specialist (CMS) you are responsible for ensuring that the programs of MDPI are well developed, especially with regards to meeting requirements which pertain to fisheries management objectives of the government. The CMS is the main liaison between MDPI and the government on fisheries management issues, regulations and is the primary implementer for the DMC system.

The job is implemented within the umbrella of the Fisheries Improvement Department (FIT) and will be in strong collaboration with fellow program officers, Field Systems Development Officer (FSDO), and the Data Collection Officer (DCO). Additionally, as an organizational Officer level the SEO will support the management of MDPI to make strategic plans with regards to implementation and development of the organization.

Each of the following points explains the topics which will constitute a portion of the employee’s time. The importance of a given responsibility may alter throughout time as the programs of MDPI develop, change and grow. The employee should be aware that these tasks are related both to maintenance of current sites and development of new field sites within the MDPI program.
  • DMC development: The CMS is leading MDPI CO-Management approaches, manages and develops implementation of these and focuses strongly on relationship building at the provincial and national government levels. As this approach develops, the CMS focuses on ensuring alignment with national government policies on co-management and ensuring infrastructures are built and developed for expansion, replication and institutionalization of co-management in small scale fisheries.
  • Data Collection Field systems: The CMS ensures that the field teams and officers leading the field team implementation have good access to and a strong overview of the national regulation and international developments pertaining to data collection and legal, reported and regulated fisheries
  • Field team development: The CMS is supporting the FIT team in developing materials and events which aim towards capacity development especially related to aspects on fisheries management, regulations and policy
  • Stakeholder Engagement and supply chain development: The CMS is responsible for identifying and developing strategies which support strong government engagement at a district, provincial and national level
  • National Fisheries Management: The CMS will support the development of programs that support the government in developing fisheries management and will develop strategies for the FIP program to meet its requirements under principle 3 of the MSC standard
  • Fisheries Improvement Program implementation: The CMS will work with the Field Strategy Development Officer and the Data Collection Officer to ensure FIP activities are planned and developed and that progress is reported on within the FIT program.
Remarks/Skill needed:
  • Bachelor degree in Fisheries, Marine Resource Management, Community Engagement
  • Minimum 6 year experience in the similar position and preferably domicile in Bali
  • Experience working in an international NGO is desirable
  • Excellent English both spoken and written
  • Excellent computer skill especially Microsoft excel or access
  • Detail oriented and target oriented
  • Strong initiative and well organized
  • Possess leadership, communication and problem solving skill
  • Possess good presentation skill
  • Able to cope working in a fast pace organization
  • Willing to frequently travel to implementing areas in Indonesia or abroad and willing to work overtime when needed.
  • Internally with the managerial and advisory levels
  • Government (national, provincial and district)
  • Fishermen
  • Processors
  • Suppliers
  • Community members
  • Academia
  • Extension workers
  • Other NGOs
Updated CV and application letter should be sent to [email protected] Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mails in this format: <CMS><your name>

Closing date for application is up to 18 September 2016

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)