ASEAN Roadmap for Agricultural Cooperatives Development Consultant - Indonesian

Term of Reference

Project title: ASEAN Roadmap for Agricultural Cooperatives Development towards 2025
Contract Duration: from Entrance on Duty (EoD) through end of December 2017
Deadline Application: 14 May 2017 (extended)
The ASEAN Farmers’ Organisation Support Programme (AFOSP) is an EU and IFAD Grant funded project which aims to improve the livelihoods and food security situation of smallholder farmers and rural producers in ASEAN countries, contributing to the realisation of ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together. The main objective of the program is to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of farmers’ organisations in the region and to promote policy dialogues and interactions at all levels. At the ASEAN level, the ASEAN Foundation (AF) facilitates and coordinates the engagement and participation of ASEAN farmers in the regional policy-making process.
To ensure the participation of farmers in the implementation of ASEAN 2025, the 18th ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Agricultural Cooperatives (ASWGAC) Meeting has requested AF to support the ASEAN in developing Roadmap for Agricultural Cooperative Development toward 2025. The roadmap will focus on the strategy to strengthen cooperation in agriculture cooperatives to enhance competitiveness of agriculture and forest products to facilitate trade within ASEAN and access to the global value chain. The Roadmap is intended to inform and guide future investments in-line with the Vision of ASEAN 2025 and Strategic Plan Action for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture, and Forestry (2016 – 2025).
The Roadmap will present in-depth analysis on current agricultural cooperatives activities and national priorities, identify gaps in services, support capacity and information sharing and where relevant, identify new and innovative opportunities for investment. The Roadmap will be developed through a combination of desk review, stakeholder consultations, and qualitative/quantitative analysis.
The purpose of this roadmap is to support the efforts in facilitating trade among AMS and to provide a vision and direction for enhancing participation of the ASEAN agricultural cooperatives in Global Value Chain (GVC) and inclusive agricultural business. The roadmap will advance the implementations of Strategic Thrusts 2 (Enhance trade facilitation, economic integration and market access) and 5 (Assist resource constrained small producers and SMEs to improve productivity, technology and product quality, to meet global market standards and increase competitiveness in line with the ASEAN Policy Blueprint on SME Development) of the ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Forestry 2016 – 2025 (FAF 2025). It also functions as a reference to harmonize the Agricultural Cooperatives’ legal frameworks and institutional arrangements in ASEAN member countries.
The following areas for the consultant to be considered:
  • Current gaps in agricultural cooperatives’ strategies and adaptation towards globalization;
  • The need for support programme and activities to be consistent with ASEAN 2025, Strategic Plan of Action for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture, and Forestry (2016 – 2025), Strategic Plan of Action ASEAN Working Group on Agricultural Cooperatives (ASWGAC) (2016 – 2020), Strategic Action Plan for SME Development (2016 – 2025);How ASEAN (government) and private sector can best support agricultural cooperatives to participate in GVC;
  • How activities and programmes are able to reach the most marginalized and vulnerable groups.
Scope of Services
The hired consultant will perform the following tasks:
  • Develop a consultancy plan with an agreed methodology that aligns with the concept note. The methodology will need to include consultations with the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Center for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives (ACEDAC);
  • Undertake desk review of existing relevant documentation;
  • Examine recent reviews of policy and legislative frameworks in place addressing agricultural cooperatives;
  • Conduct gap analysis of agricultural cooperatives’ services in their participation in value chain activities;
  • Provide recommendation for ongoing organizational strengthening and capacity building specializing agricultural cooperatives services;
  • Provide recommendation that can be considered best practices in advancing agricultural cooperatives regionally and globally (reference is ASEAN or international principles/standards);
  • Recommend strategies and approaches that will enable agricultural cooperatives to respond strategically towards the trend of globalization;
  • Develop guidance for ASEAN on how to mobilise support (technical and financial) at the regional level.
Timeframe and milestones:
The entire task of the hired consultant including data collection, analysis, and report writing will be conducted for a maximum of 30 working days in country from early April to end of December 2017 (excluding travel time and DSA to Regional Consultation Workshop in Chiang Mai). This specifically will include the following:
  • Develop a consultancy plan;
  • Undertake a desk-based study;
  • Consult with experts and stakeholders (Asian Farmers Association) to gather information and conduct interviews;
  • Prepare a synthesis report
  • Draft thematic roadmap for review
  • Finalize roadmap for approval by ASWGAC
The ASEAN roadmap will follow the structure:
  • Title Page: Name of the programme, name and title of consultant, and date and name of the document.
  • List of Acronyms: List of all acronyms
  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures if any
  • Executive Summary: Maximum of 3 pages highlighting: background of programme, methodology, main vision for ASEAN Roadmap on agricultural cooperatives
  • Body of the ASEAN Roadmap: max 25 pages
Chapter 1: Introduction (Rationales, Objectives)

Chapter 2: State of Agricultural Cooperatives in ASEAN

Chapter 3: Trend in Global and ASEAN Agricultural Value Chain

Chapter 4: Strategy for the Agricultural Cooperatives Development toward 2025
    • Institutional development
    • Strategic Measures and Objectives
    • Resources Mobilization
  • Implementation and Review: max 2 pages
  • Appendices
    • List of activities
    • List of individuals/groups interviewed/surveyed during the evaluation, surveys and interviewer questionnaires
    • Minutes of meeting/note to file/quotes from ASWGAC/ACEDAC, ASEAN, Farmer Organizations and many other
    • Others
Selection Criteria
The consultant should have the following skills and experience:
  • Relevant graduate in the fields of rural development, developmental studies, or agriculture;
  • A strong background and understanding of agricultural cooperatives, agricultural economics, agriculture, micro and small medium enterprise, or social development especially in the areas of global value chain participation;
  • Experience undertaking evaluations and reviews including participatory approaches, conducting reviews, and demonstrated ability to draw on international or regional best practices;
  • Experience working in ASEAN (highly desirable);
  • Strong written and analytical skills;
  • Five years of relevant experience in policy assistance and programme development and management in rural development and poverty reduction with experience in promoting agricultural cooperatives;
  • Working knowledge of English
Technical/functional skills
  • Working experience with agricultural actors in ASEAN countries;
  • Extent of knowledge in agricultural cooperatives and experience in promoting solutions to challenges that different agricultural cooperatives typically face;
  • Ability to successfully discuss and gain vivid understanding on sensitive subjects pertaining to agricultural cooperatives with governments and stakeholders;
  • Experience working with UN or international organization (considered an asset).
The consultant fees will be determined in accordance with ASEAN Foundation’s remuneration framework.

The consultant is to outline the fee structure for this consultancy in the United States of America Dollar (USD). Please include an estimate of any expenses necessary to adequately perform the work required and related activities needed to maintain a quality client relationship.

The price proposal (fee) must offer services for the total requirements. All proposals must remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 100 (one hundred) days after the date specified for receipt of proposals.

Outline of the Expression of Interest (EOI)

The consultant shall prepare a written proposal maximum 5 pages plus CV. Submission will be assessed against the following:

Proposals will be evaluated in two parts: the technical proposal shall bear 80% of the total marks while the financial proposal shall bear 20% of the total marks.

Bidders are required to score a minimum of 65% points on functionality to qualify to be evaluated in the next level (price). Bidders that do not meet the minimum of 65% points on functionality will be disqualified and not be evaluated on pricing.

Expression of Interest Submission Guidelines
The technical and price proposals shall be submitted to our office address:

The ASEAN Foundation. Jl Sam Ratulangi No 2, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.
Or sent to the following email address: [email protected] by 14 May 2017 (extended) mentioning clearly “ASEAN Roadmap on Agricultural Cooperatives Development Consultant” on the subject matter.