Lutheran World Relief Job Consultant: Country Business Plan - Jakarta, Indonesian

Scope of Work

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is a US based non-governmental development and relief organization with programs in Indonesia. In efforts to broaden and deepen our impact, LWR is revisiting its country strategy and intends to expand its partnerships with resource organizations including bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, foundations and philanthropists, and private sector businesses(local and multinational) for the next 5 years. LWR Indonesia aims to prepare a Country Business Plan and carryout donor mapping for effective new business development initiatives of the organization. The scope of work of the assignment constitutes the following components.

The assignment will include the following, with information collected from secondary sources, as well as primary sources in Indonesia:

  • Analysis of the primary development challenges in Indonesia, and government strategy and plans, that are related to LWR’s strategic priorities: thematic priorities by sector (Agriculture, Climate/DRR and Emergency Operations) and presented by geographic area within the country.
  • Analyze LWR Indonesia’s technical and managerial capacity in relation to donor funding acquisition and other competitors. This should be reviewed in conjunction with LWR Indonesia’s partners and LWR as an organization.
  • Analysis of potential funding for LWR: sources, levels of funding, types of programs, geographic focus, eligibility, etc.  Summarize prominent donors (including but not limited to US Government, foundations, multilateral and bilateral donors and private sector sources) which fund INGOs such as LWR, focusing on those which offer the best opportunities for LWR (including types of interventions those actors fund and what it would take for LWR to be a competitive recipient of their funding based on donor criteria, etc.).  Rank the different types of funders and prioritize where LWR should invest resources to generate funding. In this process, a review has to be conducted to analyze the donor program priorities and LWR’s core competencies.
  • Analysis of potential funding and in-kind contributions from private companies: sources, levels of funding, types of programs, geographic focus, eligibility, etc.  Summarize prominent multinational companies which fund INGOs such as LWR, focusing on those which offer the best opportunities for LWR (including types of interventions those actors fund and what it would take for LWR to be a competitive recipient of their funding based on donor criteria, etc.).
  • Analysis of current INGOs in Indonesia: identify which major INGOs are present in Indonesia, who receives funding from donors prioritized in funding analysis above, what their programs include , geographic focus and what their perceived value-added is to the donors.  INGOs should be assessed in terms of complementarity vs. competition with LWR for funding. INGOs that LWR should consider partnering with (bilaterally or in consortiums) should also be identified.
  • Gap analysis: Identify sector and geographic areas where LWR would be best suited to work, taking into account: 1) LWR’s strategic priorities and strengths; and 2) the preceding analyses on funding and INGOs competition or complementarity. The gap analysis should recommend where LWR’s focus would have the greatest impact and attract donor funding based on LWR’s value-add in the current funding landscape to update country strategy in terms of expansion in geographic and sector coverage.
  • Identification of potential local partners operating at scale in geographic and sector areas identified above and their current main INGO primes.
  • Analyze the donor funding trends within next 3-5 years based on the national or donor priorities (sector and geography) including private sector and provide strategic recommendations for LWR to shape up or expand its programs in order to pre-position to remain competitive and relevant with its programming.
  • Any additional elements proposed by the consultants and agreed to in the proposed approach or inception plan.

Proposed Approach
Consultant would provide detail about the methodology the consultant will use, detail the primary and secondary sources the consultant will consult, describe the consultant’s plan to solicit feedback and verification from LWR staff during the assignment, present the detailed workplan and confirm timing of the deliverables.

Updated Workplan/Gantt Chart
Periodic updates of initial workplan, outlining action items for each week/month.

Inception Report
Following a review of existing internal LWR strategies, evaluations and reports and information from external secondary sources is completed, the consultant will draft an inception report to document initial findings, provide examples of any planned key informant interview questionnaires or other primary data collection approaches and provide a detailed outline of the planned final report format and its appendices.

Draft Report
Once primary data collection and informant interviews are completed, the consultant will prepare a draft report for LWR using the format agreed to in the inception report. The consultant will hold a conference with selected LWR HQ and country office staff to present the preliminary findings and recommendations and solicit feedback and additional areas for investigation.  The consultant can collect written feedback from additional LWR staff or third parties as desired but is not required.

Final Report
The consultant will present the final report in the format agreed to after the draft report consultations.  The final report should, to the extent practical within the agreed-on methodology and resources, answer all of the primary objectives and address feedback received during the draft report consultations.  LWR will approve the final report as a milestone for contract payment.

Presentation of report and recommendations
Following approval of the final report by LWR, the consultant will schedule a verbal presentation of the report and methodology to selected LWR staff. The consultant will present the methodology, activities, findings, and recommendations and allow ample time for questions and answers.

Implementation arrangements
LWR expects the consultant to work from his/her home base with frequent communications and meeting via email, phone, or teleconferences. An estimated 10 days for visits to different organizations is expected. The total duration of the assignment will be 15 days.

The work order is expected to involve visit to different INGOs and donors in the country. LWR will cover the cost of transportation, accommodation, and meals/incidentals in alignment with LWR’s policies. On request, LWR Indonesia office may help the consultant for making appointments and may accompany the consultant during visit to different organizations.

To apply
Consultants having experience in developing country strategy, country business plans or new business development plan are invited to submit their CV, cost proposal, and a timeline of the deliverables by May 31, 2017 to [email protected]