Save the Children Job Vacancy: Fundraising Material Communication - Jakarta, Indonesian

Term of Reference
Fundraising Material Communication
Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik
Yayasan Sayangi Tunas cilik partner of Save the Children has started doing fundraising in 2014 through the channel Face to faceIn 2016Save the Childrenthrough the channel Face to Face has got more than 5000 donorsEvery year the number of donors is targeted to increase steadily. In 2017, the fundraising team has a target to acquire more than 10,000 donors.
Based on these targets it is necessary to produce a donor form, fundraising communication materials and merchandise tosupport the fundraising team in getting new donors. Communications materials that needed by fundraising are welcomebooklets, thank you for listening cards, envelopes, agendas and letters from children. Merchandise that will be given to the donor are stickers and hand wrist.
Before produce all of these materials, we need to design and layout from the experts. So we need support from graphic design who can also provide services to produce all that materials.
Objectives of the Agency
Donor form and fundraising material communication are very important to support and become communication strategy to get new donors, the objective for the agency are to create donor form and material communication designs and produce  donor form, envelope, welcome booklet, thank you for listening card, stickers and hand wrist.
Activity and Timeline
  • June, 13  2017- June, 25 2017
  • Term of Payment : One time services (DP 30% and final payment 70% after services complete)

  • Design for welcome booklet, stickers and hand wrist, f2f pitch card, flyer one time donation, donor form, f2f vest and f2f booth
  • Produce welcome booklet 5.000, stickers 5.000 and hand wrist 5.000, f2f pitch card 200, flyer one time donation 1000, f2f vest and f2f booth

For interested company or organization please submit your proposal with price and payment term to email : procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org at least 6th June 2017 at 5 pm with subject FR Material-(your company name).