Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia Job Vacancy: Fisheries Improvement Officer - Bali, Indonesia

Job Title: Fisheries Improvement Officer

Open for Indonesian and expatriate

JOB FUNCTION AND SUMMARY: To work within the Fisheries Improvement team to promote development, improvement and availability of data and data analytics to team members, stakeholders and the government. The position aims to ensure that robust systems are in place to collect, store and analyse data and to make this available to relevant parties. The position incorporates technology innovation to push forward the mission of MDPI of using data from Indonesian fisheries to support management, build capacity and strengthen the position of small scale fisheries in Indonesia and the region. The position is required to coordinate intensively both internal to the FIT department, as also with other departments in MDPI to strengthen all aspects of data collection, storage, analysis and dissemination.

The Fisheries Improvement Officer falls within the Fisheries Improvement team and, together with the Data Collection Officer and the Co-Management Officer reports, to the Fisheries Improvement Manager. This team forms the core of MDPI’s approach to sustainable fisheries and community development.

The importance of a given responsibility may alter throughout time as the programs of MDPI develop, change and grow. The main responsibility and duties of the post are:

Utilizing and Communicating Data:

  • Support the strengthening of the I-Fish tool for MDPI to collect, store and analyze robust fisheries data that is capable of feeding into fisheries management approaches.
  • Supporting protocol improvement, data analytics and data reporting approaches.
  • Ensuring capacity of stakeholders (from fishermen up to government level) to interpret and understand the data and analysis, through various methods, such as focus group discussions or various reporting features.
  • Coordinating of data reports to Co-management groups, termed Data Management Committees (DMCs)

Fisheries Improvement Projects:

  • Coordinating MDPI’s Fisheries Improvement Projects
  • Ensuring FIP related reporting is conducted and up to date
  • Coordinating with FIP stakeholders and ensuring progress.
  • Building strong relationships industry stakeholders
  • Coordinating MDPIs Value Proposition. This is building an approach to ensure that we continue to have a strong value to our industry and supply chain partners.

Technology Management:

  • Working with the supply chain team, ensuring that technology innovation in MDPI is coordinated and that data originating from various technology streams are managed and implemented with protocols
  • That, like I-Fish, the data from technology is reporting and communicated to the stakeholders

Increasing Scientific Research:

  • Support the development of a strong science-based approach in the organization
  • Promoting publications,
  • Developing scientific studies
  • Developing reports

  • BSc degree in fisheries, marine resources management, fisheries stock assessment, statistics and 3 years’ experience in related field or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Field work experience, engaging with fisheries/conservation stakeholders from various backgrounds;
  • Experience in data analysis and statistical programs/modelling, RStudio;
  • Data Management capabilities;
  • Experience with the Marine Stewardship Council certification process, Fisheries Improvement process
  • Experience working/researching with current trends and practices in relevant discipline(s) and regions;
  • Experience in partnership development (partners, community, provincial government, etc.);
  • Experience working with methods and standards of sustainable fisheries/conservation information systems and initiatives;
  • Experience of engaging in and contributing to multi-disciplinary team work;
  • Proven networking, negotiation and communication skills;
  • Experience conceiving and implementing strategic and creative initiatives;
  • Report and scientific writing capabilities.

  • 5 years’ experience in fisheries management/sustainable fisheries/conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Master’s degree in relevant topic;
  • Developing practical applications of scientific concepts and technical innovations for conservation purposes;
  • Knowledge of politics and society with respect to environmental/fisheries affairs in Indonesia; Communicating clearly via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and other relevant languages;
  • Experience in use and development of various data collection technology applications;
  • Managing time and diverse activities under deadlines while delivering quality results;
  • Previous peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Please submit CV to [email protected] before 18 June 2017