UCLG ASPAC Job Vacancy: Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat

Resilient Jakarta Secretariat
100 Resilient Cities -Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) works with cities around the world to become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. 100RC supports the position of Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) in the city, with the intention for the CRO to be a catalytic force, transforming the way cities organize themselves to better meet these challenges.

In Jakarta, the role of CRO will consist of a City Resilience Coordinator (CRC) and a Resilient Jakarta Secretariat (RJS). This secretariat will be led by a Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat (Head of RJS). The Resilient Jakarta Secretariat, funded by 100RC, will be supported by the UCLG ASPAC (United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific) in which the Governor of Jakarta is its Co-President and its Secretariat is hosted by the City of Jakarta.

Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat

The Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat– a two year position - will report directly to the City Resilience Coordinator for DKI Jakarta (currently the Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning and Environment). This role aims to support the City Resilience Coordinator to ensure an effective operation of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat. The Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat will lead the day-to-day development of the 100RC City Resilience Strategy in Jakarta and the subsequent implementation stage.

At the end of the 2 year contract, the Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat will have:
  • Created a holistic resilience strategy that builds on existing work in the city while establishing long term goals for an uncertain future;
  • Activated and strengthened collaboration and communication among city leaders in agencies, civil society, business, and regional/national government;
  • Mobilized and inspired a broad range of key actors across the city toward implementation;
  • Galvanized public, private, and nonprofit support and resources to implement resilience building efforts including major capital works;
  • Educated and influenced stakeholders to the value and benefits of resilience and fostered opportunities to leverage their work;
  • Shared the city’s resilience experiences and knowledge to help and inspire other cities around the world.
The time commitment of the Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat will be 100 % of his/her time.

Core Responsibilities

The Head of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat will:
  • Support the City Resilience Coordinator in realizing the vision of Resilient Jakarta;
  • Lead the development of a City Resilience Strategy development that is both effective and inclusive;
  • Drive the conversation about resilience with diverse stakeholders, ensuring active and inclusive public engagement throughout the process;
  • Oversee the management of the Strategy Partner (consultant appointed and funded by 100RC) throughout strategy development process, ensuring the quality of each milestone are achieved;
  • Manage the effective operation of the Resilience Secretariat Office, ensuring the progress of Resilient Jakarta are shared internally with DKI Jakarta;
  • Promote and send resilience messages to wider public through wide range of communication approach;
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement to support the resilience strategy development and implementation;
  • Lead engagements with the Working Teams;
  • Coordinate and manage engagement that comes through Resilient Jakarta, ensuring the engagement are aligned with Resilient Jakarta vision and implemented in an inclusive manner;
  • Implement identified projects and programs that emerge from the strategy development process;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress and refresh strategy and identify new initiatives;
  • Maintain regular communication and reporting with 100RC, including representing Jakarta for 100RC related events, building partnership with cities across 100RC network as well as engaging with platform partners.
  • More than 15 years’ experience, including experience working with city government;
  • Familiarity with the Jakarta context;
  • Experience working in urban resilience or related disciplines;
  • Strong project management skills including familiarity working with budgets;
  • Demonstrated leadership and communication skills;
  • Good proficiency in English;
  • Master degree in public policy, urban planning or a related field preferred.
Please send your Application and CV to Finance@uclg-aspac.org ; Accountant@uclg-aspac.org with Subtitle : 100RC-HRJC-Your name before 28 july 2017