Islamic Development Bank Job Consultant: Health Service Referral Program - Indonesian

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group is an international financial institution with 57 member countries. It was founded in 1975 with the purpose of fostering the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities individually as well as jointly, in accordance with the principles of Shari’ah, i.e., Islamic Law. The IDB Group activities in Indonesia are aligned under the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) 2016-2020. The MCPS is a strategy document that guides the operation of the IDB Group in its member countries over the medium term (3-5 years).
In December 2014, IDB Group established its Country Gateway Office (CGO) in Indonesia. The CGO facilitates and galvanizes the cooperation of IDB Group with all the stakeholders in Indonesia including the Government, private sector, academia, civil society, and development partners, and serves as a single access point for all the products and services offered by the IDB Group.
The IDB is planning to prepare a new project in the Healthcare sector to strengthen the National Referral Hospitals, Province Referral Hospitals and Vertical Technical Units, hereafter referred to as the Project.
The main objective of the proposed project is to strengthen the Health Service Referral Program in Indonesia by developing the infrastructure, facilities and medical equipment in the primary, secondary and tertiary level across the country. The project will be implemented by the Directorate General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health (MoH).
In this context, an IDB team will hold several working sessions with the officials of the relevant Ministries and Departments in relation to preparing the concept and undertaking the appraisal/due diligence for this project. The Bank is now seeking the services of an individual Consultant who will assist in the preparation of the project proposal document and support the preparation of the project.
The proposed project is aligned with Government of Indonesia’s (GOI’s) national medium-term development plan to increase the infrastructure, facilities and medical equipment in 14 national hospitals; increase the infrastructure, facilities and medical equipment in 10 provincial referral hospitals according to the highest standard of referral hospitals; and improve health services at 39 Vertical Technical Unit hospitals as tertiary referral centers.
The proposed project will strengthen and improve the health referral and health care infrastructure and facilities across Indonesia in order to improve the health condition and livelihood of many Indonesian people.
The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to the preparation and appraisal of the proposed project.
Scope and Deliverables
In the framework of the present consultancy services, which is expected to take 40 days, the Consultant is expected to:
  • Brief Review Health sector. The short review will include a description of the country’s healthcare strategy, the state of existing healthcare facilities (primary, secondary and tertiary), their existing numbers, location and conditions, as well as the assessment of national and provincial strategy (if any), the requirement of health workers, and policy framework.
  • Obtain and review the international-standard reports and policy documents on strengthening the healthcare system in the country, with special emphasis on recommendations for improvement based on lessons learned and global best practices.
  • Obtain and prepare detail descriptions of the project, including but not limited to condition of project locations, project concept and design (incl. logical framework), component/activity description, implementation arrangements (incl. procurement arrangements, financial management and disbursement schedules, implementation timeline and schedule, monitoring and supervision arrangement), assessment of the design alternatives (if any), assessment of the environmental, economic and social impacts, risks and mitigations, evaluation and analysis of the available technical documentation.
  • Obtain, review and update the economic analysis of the project. Provide the economic viability of the project, including but not limited to EIRR/CBA calculations of the project with a clear definition of the variables for assessment, which are identified and justified. Moreover, to elucidate the social impacts of the project not captured by the economic analysis.
  • Obtain, review and update the project costing: unit costs based on the individual construction elements. Taking into consideration inflationary and market adjustments.
  • In close consultation with the executing agency of the project and IDB project team, the consultant will prepare all necessary documentation regarding the project preparation, appraisal, and recommendations. This includes the preparation of project proposals and readiness criteria (RC) document consisting of implementation arrangements, implementation timeline, details of funding, and other things mentioned in Minister of National Development Planning Regulation No. 4/2011.
Reporting requirements

The Consultant/s will be responsible for fulfilling the following tasks:
  • Inception Report: The Consultant/s will submit a brief report proving information on the proposed work plan/methodology and a detailed time schedule (matching with the assignment period), within 5 days of the start of the contract in order to receive the 1st payment.
  • Interim project proposal document: The consultant/s will make a presentation and submit an interim report containing, but not necessarily limited to, sector analysis, strategic alignment and justification of the project, information and status of the intended project locations, description of the project design (incl. logical framework) and main components/activities, as well as the financing plan/ project costing, within 20 days of the start of contract.
  • Final project proposal document: The consultant/s will present and submit the comprehensive project proposal, which will include, in addition to the contents of the interim report, the following information: assessment of the environmental, economic and social impacts, risks and mitigations, and implementation arrangements (incl Project Management Structure, implementation and tentative disbursement schedules, procurement plan, etc.), financial and economic analysis, as well as any other information that may be deemed necessary for the successful appraisal of the project. This report should be ready within 35 days of the start of the contract.
  • The consultant/s should also allocate a 5-day period, after the submission of the final project proposal document, to accompany and answer technical queries/ follow-ups from the IDB team that will be engaged, at a later stage, in the preparation of the project.