ZSL Indonesia Job Consultant for Oil Palm Yield Survey - Groundtruthing for GIS Mapping, Sumatera

The Zoological Society of London is an international wildlife conservation organization with a focus on science-based and pragmatic solutions. ZSL has been active in Indonesia for about 10 years, with a particular focus on the overlap between industrial development and biodiversity conservation. ZSL’s Indonesia is based in Bogor, West Java, with existing field projects in Jambi and South Sumatera.We are now looking for:

Consultant for Oil Palm Yield Survey – Groundtruthing for GIS Mapping 

Position Information
Title: Oil Palm Yield Survey – Groundtruthing for GIS Mapping 

Department/Unit: Component 1: Biophysical Baseline Data and Monitoring

Reports to: Manager of Component 1

Duty Station: Musi Banyasin District, South Sumatra

Duration of Assignment : 37 Working days

Scope of work

Pra Survey

  • Collect secondary data, e.g. oil palm production history data (5 years back), Flood water level, frequency, and durations (3 years back), plant insertion quantity, location map, administrative map, land use map, LiDAR strip maps, and Landsat image map.
  • Prepare equipment and materials (e.g. GPS, Compass, form, stationery and other survey equipment).
  • Provide and prepare surveyors for field survey.
  • Prepare and create work plan map.
  • Working with the Project (Deltares), determine the effective survey path (based on LiDAR strip maps and Landsat-8 imagery map). The location of sites for measurement are based on the following criteria:
    • Survey locations should be on a LiDAR strip (to be able to link productivity to canopy height).
    • Survey locations should be within a large-scale industrial OP plantation
    • Survey locations should include sites on both peat and mineral soil.
    • Survey locations should be below 4 m +MSL (only these locations are considered flood prone).
    • Survey locations should cover a range of different canopy heights (tentatively classified in 2 m range classes: 0-2 m, 2-4 m, 4-6 m, 6-8 m, >8 m).
    • Socialization of the survey with oil palm companies and also with the government’s Estate Crops Department.
Field Survey

  • Survey will sample 10% of OP population, with survey plots measuring 32 x 27 m (20 palm trees in each plot).
  • Survey will record:
    • Planting stock used
    • Year of planting and age distribution.
    • Canopy height according to year planted, tentatively classified in 2 m range classes: 0-2 m, 2-4 m, 4-6 m, 6-8 m, >8 m.
    • Plantation age estimated based on the number of leaves.
    • Plantation nutrition status based on visual observations (leaves colour, etc).
    • Condition of plant insertions (normal – abnormal).
    • Available flood information (water level, quantity, frequency, and duration).
    • Number of fruit bunches and number of trees counted (FFB count/ census).

Analysis and reporting based on survey results and data at least include:

  • Analysis of distribution of plantations in each area.
  • Analysis of the effect of flooding in lowland areas on the growth of OP trees, plantation nutrition, & production.
  • Potential production analysis up to 10 years.
  • Lowland area management recommendations.

Consultant Team
It is anticipated that the oil palm yield survey will be carried out by a team of consultants with the required background, expertise and experience, and will consist of (indicative):

  • Team Leader with expertise in yield surveys
  • 4 Agronomists
  • 1 GIS Analyst
  • 1 Statistic Analyst and Administration
This is indicative and the consultant should propose the composition of team, in line with approach used

Time and Work Schedule
The work will be carried out immediately after agreement has been reached and contract signed. Completion of the Oil Palm Yield Survey will take about 37 days.
  • Pre-Survey: 7 days
  • Survey: 15 days
  • Reporting: 15 days
  • TOTAL: 37 DAYS
The Consultant will deliver a Report documenting the results of the Oil Palm Yield Survey at the end of the 37 day schedule. Final payment will be made when the Report has been accepted by the KELOLA Sendang Project.

Recruitment Qualifications

Qualifications & Experience

  • Extensive and proven experience in the Oil Palm sector (5 years)
  • Previous experience carrying out Oil Palm Yield Surveys
  • Team Leader with over 5 years of experience in oil palm sector
  • Individual team members with 3-5 years of experience in their area of expertise.
  • High level of written and spoken English, and demonstrated skills reporting in English.
  • Able to work according to schedule under field conditions.
Application procedures
Please kindly send your proposal that suits deliverable mentioned above along with time frame of the implemented activity not later than August 25, 2017 to [email protected], placing the job title in the subject line and label your CV with your name.Only short listed candidates will be notified. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.