Pusat Penyelamatan Satwa Tasikoki Job Vacancy: Tasikoki VEC Manager - North Minahasa, North Sulawesi

Job Title: Tasikoki VEC Manager

Department: Tasikoki Visitor and Education Centre (VEC)

Position Overview
The VEC manager is responsible for the coordination and supervision of VEC staff and hospitality activities, as well as the responsibility for the cleanliness, function and safety of VEC resources (including buildings, amenities and vehicles).  The manager has the responsibility to help develop the visitor experience as educational for conservation ethics and sustainability.

Essential Job Functions

  • Cost-efficient weekly budget and resource planning as well as management and priority setting of key staff teams;
    • Kitchen and Housekeeping
    • Gardening and Waste-management
    • Security
    • Maintenance & IT
  • Creating and maintaining a pleasant and eco-friendly guest experience for all visitors (lodge guests, volunteers, day-visitors, school/scout groups, sponsors, etc)
  • Ensuring adequate resource/facility management for education centre activities (hosting school/scout groups, day visitors, government/NGO meetings/workshops, etc)
  • Ensuring adequate stock control and provision of merchandise and snacks/drinks, in line with ethical policies
  • Developing a portfolio of home-made or locally-sourced sustainable products for VEC use and/or sale to visitors
  • Tourism / Eco-tourism industry & government networking and promotion (national/international) to develop lodge occupation and VEC business/customer portfolio
  • Risk management, health & safety at work management, and prioritising ongoing maintenance / development of VEC facilities
  • Development and use of the beach area as a community resource, with close attention to waste-management issues and protection/respect of natural capital (mangrove, seagrass, reef and its wildlife)
  • Managing relations with the local immigration office with respect to permissions and reporting of foreign guests
Additional Tasks

  • Supervising/coordinating bookings and invoicing
  • Directly liaising with visitors and potential visitors
  • Support education officers and public content coordinator (PCC) – these will be managed or co-managed under conservation team
  • Providing / requesting content for PCC
Key skills

  • Bilingual English/Indonesian plus any other language is a bonus, especially Chinese
  • Excellent IT skills, especially with accounting and financial reporting
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills
  • Hospitality management skills or transferable management skills from other sectors
  • Cost-efficiency, budget planning and resource planning skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role within environmental sustainability
  • Professional, reliable, trustworthy and environmentally friendly mind-set
  • Willing and open to learn
  • Vehicle driving licence is a bonus and encouraged

Commitment: 3 months trial as “interim manager” followed by 12 month contract

This position is open to Indonesian nationals only or to those already with a resident permit for Indonesia. No coverage or assistance is intended for foreigner work permits.

Time and Place

  • Office hours, 2 days off and public holidays.  Following trial period, “All-in” contract with overtime as necessary to fulfil duties.
  • 2 weeks annual leave after trial period.
  • Work space at administration office
  • Some local travel (expenses paid) in the region (Manado-Bitung-Tomohon) will be necessary
  • Budget-dependant travel overseas (e.g. relevant eco-tourism or education conferences/expo’s in Bali/Java) may also be possible

  • OTJ - including expected self-study of necessary topics where appropriate
On the Job Supervision

  • Close coordination with conservation management team and Masarang management team.


  • On site meals and shared accommodation (estimated value Rp1,5jt/month)
  • 3 month trial contract at local UMP (Rp2.6jt/month), TBD
  • 12 month contract: Rp3.0jt/month 10 days paid annual leave, health insurance, and negotiable bonus commission-based, TBD
  • Relocation compensation may be considered for the right candidate if coming from outside North Sulawesi, TBD.
  • Assistance for on-site vehicle purchase/rental, TBD

PPS Tasikoki
Email: Info@Tasikoki.Org

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