Swisscontact Membuka Lowongan Senior Program Officer Management Support Penempatan di Bantaeng, Jember, Morowali & Semarang

Swisscontact promotes economic, social and ecological development by supporting people to successfully integrate into local commercial life. Swisscontact creates opportunities for people to improve their living conditions as a result of their own efforts. The focus of its systemic intervention in the private sector is the strengthening of local and global value chains. Through its projects, Swisscontact works to enable access to professional training, promotes local entrepreneurship, creates access to local financial service providers and supports the efficient use of resources with the goal of successfully promoting employment and income generation. The foundation is based in Zurich, Switzerland. With 86 million in annual turnover in 2016, Swisscontact is now implementing more than 100 projects in 34 countries with more than 1,200 staff. Swisscontact has been active in Indonesia for the past 43 years.

The Skills for Competitiveness (S4C) Program is a Swiss Indonesian Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of Indonesia setting up 5 polytechnics and the Swiss government providing technical assistance through a consortium led by Swisscontact together with the Association for Swiss International Technical Connection (SITECO) and the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH-CDC). The Program is built on two main components: one focusing on the strengthening of 5 selected Polytechnic Institutes (School Development Component) operating in three different economic sectors (metal, wood, food processing) and a second component targeting the strengthening of the overall Poly system (System Development Component).

The Swisscontact Skills for Competitiveness (S4C) in Indonesia is currently accepting applications for the position of:

Senior Program Officer Management Support

Based in:
  1. Bantaeng – South Sulawesi (Job Code: SPOMS – BTE)
  2. Jember – East Java (Job Code: SPOMS – JMB)
  3. Morowali – Central Sulawesi (Job Code: SPOMS – MRW)
  4. Kendal/Semarang – Central Java (Job Code: SPOMS – SMG)
The Senior Program Officer Management Support is responsible for coordination of all project supported activities within the Poly and with the program office in Jakarta and the training/coaching program of the Ploy board and management to establish the necessary management systems and processes following best practices of trade related sustainable practice.
Task, Authority, and Responsibility
  1. Coordinate project supported activities with the Poly Management and the Program Office
  2. Supporting training and coaching Poly board and management
  3. Supporting the establishment of an industry networks in the Poly-region
  4. Supporting regular events between the Poly and local industry
  5. Supporting the development of teaching learning process and building up of School Factories within the Poly
Employee Requirements
  1. Degree/working in a technical sector (metal, wood or food processing)
  2. Knowledge about the Indonesian Poly and TVET system development
  3. School management, Curricula Development, Teacher training
  4. At least 5 years of relevant working experience in the industry and/or VET institutions
  5. Communication skills in English
  6. Desirable: Experience in Development Work
Please submit your application letter addressing the above qualifications and experience with your CV until November 29th, 2017 at the latest with a JOB CODE on Email subject to: